.adrien broner vs. the st. halloween massacre.

since “beyoncé” the album has come out nobody who knows my backstory has let me sleep, because of “drunk in love” if nothing else. the song is called “drunk in lust” btw, and if not that “we be all night…” the love has been killed.

if you can’t tell, there were times i began to shun the truth just to get peace in my life. it’s not easy walking around being viewed as a rap God who releases a mixtape that only has three clicks on soundcloud. yeah jayz might of listened and jacked a bar or two, and even put em on the song as a diss but, he’ll never acknowledge it, and you’ll never believe it. still, it’s not easy to shun the truth when lebron moves back to cleveland and brings jayz, kendrick lamar, beyoncé, kevin hart, and the whole bandwagon with him for his homecoming, which i might have egged on.

i don’t go out in cleveland often because everybody there does look at me like a rap God, but i literally am walking, and i don’t like the funny stares i receive. but, if you say beyoncé is in my city; i AM going to have to go find her.

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.greatest losers of all time.

remembering our country grammar, it was nelly who stated it perhaps most eloquently, “two is not a winner, and three nobody remembers… so, what does it take to be number one??/” of course at the time of that recording nelly was playing number three to a new york jay-z and a midwestern eminem but, it seems no one today remembers that fact; indubitably making his point. it is with this type of entendre that brings to question, who’s title is greatest loser of all time???// after all, it was a loser that paved the way for the winner’s glory.

5] us – as in the united states, us, as in you and me, us, as in u suck! imagine being the most important person in the world, the almighty, most powerful, having everyone shaking in their britches on edge in fear of your next move, only for it to be public knowledge that it is for sale to the highest bidder. that is the us right now. for sale, on the block, for a dollar, like with prostitution. set up initially as a prison state, the best you could say in an instance like the one we have is, lady liberty is not at least free. we’re a joke.

4] tupac goes down, without a doubt as one of the greatest emcees of all time, even garnering respect from raps forefathers such as run d.m.c, kane, and rakim. if not for rhyme scheme, you appreciated his content with delivery. when pac rapped he rapped with a passion that let you know he was down for his cause.

those who knew him agreed, he was someone special and someone worth getting to know, all except perhaps janet jackson, during the poetic justice incident involving an aids test that sparked an eventual turn in pac’s demeanor.

the rapper turned actor had countless run ins with authorities, incarcerations, and a rap beef that spanned across the coasts and elicited more than a twenty-one gun salute. and even still, all today’s children know about tupac can be found on a faded t-shirt in the bottom of their mothers hamper, a real loss for society. pac’s greatest loss probably came in 96’ after attending the seldon vs. tyson fight in vegas, where tupac shakur would lose his life to jay-z by gunshot wound.

3] the baddest man on the planet, mike tyson, earns his place on the greatest losers of all time list for both his in ring and in life quarrels. once dating some of the world’s most beautiful women and models such as, tabitha stevens, kenya moore, naomi campbell, and robin givens, it would be safe to say none have fallen quite like iron mike. it’s not so much that the women left, but how they left, often reasoning adultery, abuse, and claiming a life with mike to be ‘torture, pure hell, worse than anything that could possibly be imagined.’ these reports left mike, generally thought to be a warm lover, distraught.

in 1992, tyson was convicted of raping desiree washington and sentenced to six years in prison, ending up serving only three he immediately took to the ring, and plotted his comeback. it wasn’t until 1996 after defeating frank bruno and bruce seldon, and earning the wbc and wba titles that tyson regained his notarized fame. fame, that would only be stolen once more. this circumstance put mike in contention with muhammad ali, floyd patterson, tim witherspoon, evander holyfield, and george foreman as the only men in boxing history to have regained a heavyweight championship after having lost it. but today we do not hold the ‘iron mike tyson’ in the same light as muhammad ali, regardless of how glorious those knockouts were.

many would like to cause blame to the biting of evander holyfield’s ear. and there are others whom would rather shine light on the ring disputes between lennox lewis and the subsequent comeback loses for money. whichever side your stance, mike tyson’s career has indeed been a hangover worth waking up from.

Total fights: 58
Wins: 50
Wins by KO: 44
Losses: 6

2] the people’s republic of china makes the list for sheer volume. i don’t think you could in fact have a list of the greatest losers and not mention china for, as powerful as you may consider china to be they have always been viewed as a number two to a failing world. there may be a billion of them, and they may be better at math, but because their currency is tied more closely to a second placed silver than the more widely accepted gold we have come to view china and it’s traders as the more widely accepted loser. this sentiment is backed by china’s recent metal demands plummeting as the government slows infrastructure building and transforms into a more pro consumer economy falling in line with us practices.

this pro consumer choice does however come at a price, china has forecast that it’s economy will grow seven% in 2015, less than the seven.four% growth it saw in 2014, which was its slowest year since 1990. and predicts a number of commodities will continue to see prices tumble, notably copper, oil, and iron ore, which are closely linked to growth on global level, meaning if china loses we all lose to some degree.

china’s biggest lost perhaps came at the conclusion of wwii, having to concede to russia and an america, that never truly acknowledged it’s entrance.

the chinese government admits at least two hundred and fifty nuclear warheads, with acknowledgement of a suspected triad. building a wall great enough to be seen from space with the explicit intent to keep the world out, and passing on superpower status, one could easily begin to believe the people’s republic of china prefer to be losers. this attitude on power and it’s responsibilities has left china and it’s billion citizens playing catch up to a game they may be too humble to admit they have initiated. if they cannot understand that fact it may be because they have split themselves into too many nations of islands, perhaps losing touch of it’s laos and mandarin origin.

1] john stockton, jeff hornacek, adam keefe, karl malone, and greg foster make up the 97-98 utah jazz. going sixty.two-twenty before facing michael jordan’s same bulls the jazz were undeniably the best in the west. beating an historically celebrated franchise in the lakers, jerry sloan’s jazz however, were still no match for michael jordan’s bulls. this was the year karl malone delivered twenty-seven points per game while jordan still found a way to put up twentyeight.seven.

malone today celebrates the second most career points in nba history, and holds the records for most freethrows attempted and made, assuredly earning himself a spot in the debate of nba greatest power forwards. however, malone never earned a ring, just like charles barkley, and even still barkley remains inside the nba with a weekly television appearance.

it was no secret mj spent his entire 97-98 campaign vying to get back to the finals, hoping to see stockon and the mailman once again, only to deliver the same result, victory. jordan saw this as a self induced challenge, while the mailman saw it as a right, showing the difference in a winner’s attitude and a warrior’s.

honorable mention”


jared fogle – the guy who is most famous for losing more than two hundred pounds on the subway diet. the real tragedy is he bought all those subs before they were giving them away by the foot for five dollars a pop; probably losing more money than he earned and surely negating the work he thought he was doing by spreading the nutritional gospel against today’s standards. the losses continue to pile on when you count the fact that he did all that without italian herbed cheese bread and condiments. and even yet, for all the work he did he is only some fat guy on the subway marketing and advertising floor.. because, when’s the last time you seen jared on tv???/ mmmhmmmm.

luigi – sucks flat out, and if you ever played luigi’s mansion you know why. it almost killed the gamecube if you remember correctly, to no fault of luigi’s own, i am sure. luigi is just a character that is better reserved for player two, at which point he is still a loser to his older brother in red, once again no fault to luigi’s own. it’s just player two was destined to be a loser. if you think about it, player two is a visitor, suggesting you don’t have your own system, you don’t know the rules, nor the controls, and your mom is on her way to come pick you up in five minutes, on the off chance you start to get lucky.

kanye west – i am not sure what kanye west has lost exactly because, everyone seems to love him so much. but i know when i hear him talk he is mostly complaining about not having enough of something and wanting more of something else, leaving me no choice but to believe he has lost something. and after looking at his “power” cover art, i am sure it is his mind.