.daze – phd.

it’s been about an hour,
i’ll see you in a minute.
it’s been a long week and i been busy handlin business.

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.sir isaac newton.


in physics everyone believes in isaac newton’s law of conservation of energy which states, the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. energy can neither bee created nor destroyed.

except in the instance of creating life where you take spirit from two beings and make the flesh of one. this is the only instance where new energy and matter is thought to be expelled onto the world. butt uhhhhhh… where does this new energy cum from if not the earth???// the heavens.

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.we all the way up.

niggas talkin shit
but bull, eye’ll predict the future;
you aint gon get yo bitch back.
ny took it from tha d??/ well now they gon give that shit back.
don’t get yo shit smacked.
bi now???// you gon get yo shit splat.
roqq a fella til he bleek then hit him with the mac.
we all the way upp!!!
you niggas just downloadin.
he tryna bee us!!!!
you niggas must not know him.
so, why when puff cum around this nigga get ghost then???//
tell them about the God.
niggas know hov get no spins.
we all the way uppp!!!!!!!
turn this bitch to eleven.
i got mi eye on you snakes
bi mi thigh is the seven.
you tryna play us???//
i AM the most high,
that’s why you scared of me.
get hit from both sides big and pac waitin on you in heaven.
[all the way upp remix response]
conversations with no-one.

if you wanna hear wat he said that got me amped anyway, go find that shit on ya own.
ain’t shit pretty.

.the secret to life.

everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. it’s a simple formula that has stumped man for centuries. the question has been asked since the beginning of time, “what is the secret to life???/” by now, we’ve all seen the movie or read the book. but, for many it’s hard to believe that just wishing it would happen is going to get you a billion dollars. that’s because we forget one important truth that makes this bit of magic work, everything you do has to be in favor to someone else.

how many times have you been in your house, comfortably watching cartoons in your footied pajamas only to receive a phone call from your best friend. ‘hey man, get dressed. i’m on my way to swoop, let’s go get something to eat.’ you turn off the cartoons, put your half eaten bowl of icecream in the sink, get dressed, and join your friend for dinner. how upset are you at the end of the meal when your supposed best pal ask you to cover the entire bill at the end of your meal??/ if this is how many of your relationships go, i imagine you feel drained pretty often. that’s because someone forgot everything you do has to be in favor to someone else. when you turned off your cartoons and put pants on so your friend didn’t have to eat dinner alone, that was a favor to them. a good friend would return the favor immediately perhaps by paying your end of the bill or maybe buying you a drink at the next location. if this rule is followed you two will have happiness and joy in your relationship for eternity.

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