biology and chemistry…. b.c.
birth characteristics were originally placed to you on alleles; expressed to you as genetics. traits were passed on and traded, betwixts the trusted and; stolen and thrown to the side by the weak. throughout the times we have all seen the best traits traded to the top, passed around, and accepted by all. there is trust that your dna is correct through this methodology butt uhhhhhhh…. a’ las: it is the eyes that never lie.

a tolkien’s momentum???// “-all that glitters is not gold.” let that be a memorandum to the gold and not the glitter. i’ve never been a fancier of the oldaged; “one man’s trash-” and still i AM a proffed surveyor of the admired belief ‘the framed steel in bycycle’s motion moves nowhere without rubber.’

i AM an affirmed creator in life and have many times chosen the dragonfly as my trust. a: very tempting and beautiful creature, trophied; in both leading the blind and maintaining the hive exclusively for a queen’s fíïtë.

just as the birds in the trees follow the bees’ on the vines’ buzz; admonishing new feeding locations, man has centurized through plague, and had to rely on his God given instincts to guide him. instincts sent and given to him through antennae that were simply and organically placed and censored through one little allele.

all of your genetic continuos is hereditary. heretics you were to hope were given to you guided and not guised byeé God. what of your temptation say’s otherwise???/ should you have been misplaced; as one sock often has from another, especially when washweek has cum one tuesday before the next tuesday: remember; the red robin in the cedars that does not sing unless the blue bird has peaked or; the blind person who has no voice until a deaf person comes along with ears large enough to comprehend sympathy.

in the middle of life’s hassell and hustle humanity has heeded heavenly hands and appended the successors of a muddlers’. in fault flavors are less than bland and instead; deceitous. colors are less than bountiful, and often boring! a heart isn’t sometimes your heart here in earth’s habitat, instead it is your bladder: weakened and wounded, continuously overflowing: or a lung half full. the truth remains still, trust your eyes and don’t look directly at the SUN!

a pair of dimes norré a paradigm. a rattle snake down by the brush and means there is a cobra up ahead on land. in life bad habits tend to beckon wits to survey and prowl ostentatiously. worrisome platoons incessantly pick at the threading tilly tally instead of allowing moral acquisition of the means to circulate amongst the payeeing and throughout the corporate club. blondes are only more fun; when their best brunette friend is around. a man with hazel eyes is not really a man at all. in the sky and in reflection; brown, green, and blue are all we collectively know eyeslids open norrë closed. if then; it is too hard for you too simply remember a song with rhythm norré the sky in the day is blue, the sea in night is green, just as the land which covers it’s blackened and burnt heart, garnering flesh, then you have no true vision at all and are not alloted to see will nor norrê temptation.

biology can alone explain the chemistry which, will put an end to your psychologically terrorizing and dungeoning indifferences.

ain’t shit pretty.