.the playoffs.

i AM from cleveland, and i have been pissed off every since lebron james came back to play for the cavaliers. when you see me posting about being lost in neverland, or being unsure about which city i want to call home next, it’s because this guy is a real life asshole. his energy is literally haunting.

i first heard of lebron through pac when i was a kid, he was supposed to be like a brother to me, but we when pac got popped i kind of forgot about that. i was on my own with a lot of shit after that too. i moved to columbus around 02/03, and people immediately started asking me questions about the stud from akron. it forced me to think hard for a minute, but i immediately knew who they were talking about. i was more interested in what he had heard about me. it wasn’t until some of my homies who hooped put me on that i recognized his greatness, and that too was immediate. shit was cool forreal. i loved him. it was dope… Continue reading


.okc says bye-bye to scott brooks.

the nba was set ablaze today, and not by the overtime victory the spurs put over the clippers making them the only evened series in the first round. prevailing, it is the little happenings that one must pay attention to in order to gain the full details of what is actually going on. for this reason i AM convinced gregg popovich is the most maniacal genius in nba history. his genius extends past coaching the aging spurs into record breaking season year after year into a defending champion post… i saw him scheming his way into comfort well before the playoffs actually started. popovich’s only goal appeared to be avoid the the oklahoma city thunder whom had bounced the spurs first round a few years prior. Continue reading

.now watching the nba playoffs.

i AM now watching the nba playoffs that officially started over the weekend, which means if you have been trying to get ahold of me, i been busy… and drunk. like just about every one else on planet earth i got the cavs vs. golden state in the finals. don’t get me wrong, i aint sleeping on the spurs, butt uhhhhh…. it’s just something about them warriors right now.

i grew up in michigan, watching michigan state basketball, so i am loving seeing draymond green grow into a real nba threat, there is no doubt that steph curry is handling business with a mvp season on his hands, and steve kerr just might be the most exciting coach in the the league right now!

on the other end, we got lebron james’ cavaliers. now, i AM actually from cleveland so all i AM going to say to that is cleveland is cleveland and lebron is lebron.

if you want to any more than that you can head over to espn for all of the first round updates. before you do that though, hit the jump and weigh in with your predictions in the comments section. Continue reading