.the playoffs.

i AM from cleveland, and i have been pissed off every since lebron james came back to play for the cavaliers. when you see me posting about being lost in neverland, or being unsure about which city i want to call home next, it’s because this guy is a real life asshole. his energy is literally haunting.

i first heard of lebron through pac when i was a kid, he was supposed to be like a brother to me, but we when pac got popped i kind of forgot about that. i was on my own with a lot of shit after that too. i moved to columbus around 02/03, and people immediately started asking me questions about the stud from akron. it forced me to think hard for a minute, but i immediately knew who they were talking about. i was more interested in what he had heard about me. it wasn’t until some of my homies who hooped put me on that i recognized his greatness, and that too was immediate. shit was cool forreal. i loved him. it was dope… Continue reading


.the lost boy.

it’s fight weekend and everybody is in vegas celebrating… everybody except me, of course, because i AM lost. or maybe it’s i lost. i didn’t want to believe it, but when the truth stares at you silence replies.

after kanye ran up on stage at the grammy’s, and i saw beyoncé’s response i felt in debt. i knew i had lost. i made a promise to myself for change and the world collapsed around me. my own mother, who had stood by my side for so long turned my father against me, then exposed herself after catching me listening to “heaven…” making me wonder, is heaven even listening??/  part of me always suspected, but the fight that song caused let it be known. it was a big fight, stretching twelve rounds itself, ending with her getting her boyfriend to help jump me, and me taking a trip to the hospital. proving some wounds will never heal, my choices were limited.
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.adrien broner vs. the st. halloween massacre.

since “beyoncé” the album has come out nobody who knows my backstory has let me sleep, because of “drunk in love” if nothing else. the song is called “drunk in lust” btw, and if not that “we be all night…” the love has been killed.

if you can’t tell, there were times i began to shun the truth just to get peace in my life. it’s not easy walking around being viewed as a rap God who releases a mixtape that only has three clicks on soundcloud. yeah jayz might of listened and jacked a bar or two, and even put em on the song as a diss but, he’ll never acknowledge it, and you’ll never believe it. still, it’s not easy to shun the truth when lebron moves back to cleveland and brings jayz, kendrick lamar, beyoncé, kevin hart, and the whole bandwagon with him for his homecoming, which i might have egged on.

i don’t go out in cleveland often because everybody there does look at me like a rap God, but i literally am walking, and i don’t like the funny stares i receive. but, if you say beyoncé is in my city; i AM going to have to go find her.

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.that one time i met future.

since everybody seems to be trippin out over my last couple of posts i feel the need to explain myself. i admit i have made some outlandish comments from calling mike tyson the greatest loser, to naming jayz tupac’s murderer, while calling kanye west a rapist and a murderer, then naming myself the new mike, and let’s not forget the aaliyah story i glossed over because it involved us fuckin. i suppose i need to explain myself.

i would have to take you back to around ninety.four for you to get a full glimpse, but i aint got that kind of time so we going to have to talk more recently. in the last post i explained how i met immature; me and romeo plotted on hooking up with destiny’s child and taking over the rap game. that didn’t quite work out for neither of us, but in twenty.thirteen i got my chance. Continue reading

.now watching the nba playoffs.

i AM now watching the nba playoffs that officially started over the weekend, which means if you have been trying to get ahold of me, i been busy… and drunk. like just about every one else on planet earth i got the cavs vs. golden state in the finals. don’t get me wrong, i aint sleeping on the spurs, butt uhhhhh…. it’s just something about them warriors right now.

i grew up in michigan, watching michigan state basketball, so i am loving seeing draymond green grow into a real nba threat, there is no doubt that steph curry is handling business with a mvp season on his hands, and steve kerr just might be the most exciting coach in the the league right now!

on the other end, we got lebron james’ cavaliers. now, i AM actually from cleveland so all i AM going to say to that is cleveland is cleveland and lebron is lebron.

if you want to any more than that you can head over to espn for all of the first round updates. before you do that though, hit the jump and weigh in with your predictions in the comments section. Continue reading