.that one time i met future.

since everybody seems to be trippin out over my last couple of posts i feel the need to explain myself. i admit i have made some outlandish comments from calling mike tyson the greatest loser, to naming jayz tupac’s murderer, while calling kanye west a rapist and a murderer, then naming myself the new mike, and let’s not forget the aaliyah story i glossed over because it involved us fuckin. i suppose i need to explain myself.

i would have to take you back to around ninety.four for you to get a full glimpse, but i aint got that kind of time so we going to have to talk more recently. in the last post i explained how i met immature; me and romeo plotted on hooking up with destiny’s child and taking over the rap game. that didn’t quite work out for neither of us, but in twenty.thirteen i got my chance. Continue reading


.i AM the boyKING.

i heard they been lookin for me but, not hard enough. i don’t want anyone to think i AM just rambling in my last post, pulling fabrications out of my ass. i have been talking about some of this shit since…check my twitter. this shit means something to me so i try to keep it cool on most topics, but i AM getting fed up with the lack of love i AM receiving.

pretty tweets one Continue reading