i AM mad about a lot of things, me telling future to tell beyoncé to create the beyoncé visual album and getting no credit nor reciprocation ranking pretty high on that list.

when i had the ‘beyoncé’ idea in mississippi i definitely passed along the message that i felt it was time for beyoncé to elevate herself as an artist, as she wasn’t already beyoncé. i admit, i was in the club and i wanted to hear mi beyy ringing on some crunk shit but, more than that i wanted grown and sexy, i wanted consciousness, i wanted love.

i saw a nation of black youth being executed in the streets of america innocently. i saw injustices being done to black people for no reason. i saw communities being torn apart, and little girls being kidnapped and stolen from their families. i lost a cousin, shereilda terry, to this ghetto boogeyman and i was glad to have a tools like future and beyoncé to voice mi opinion on it as hesistant as she may have initially been.

the truth is i gave an idea for three cds, the video disc being a moment of genius that she was unwanting to take. i wanted in that moment to hear her in the club but, i felt commentary on the trayvon martin’s, amanda berry’s, and shereilda terry’s, was more important to our culture. this was a topic only beyoncé could tackle. the cd came out as a surprise around an important date to me in december twenty.thirteen, videos equipped.
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.kevin hart sucks at cupid.

apparently, the hart in kevin means cupid. but, who believes in love anymore? i can’t really explain how much i love beyoncé without some beyHIVE member hyping themselves, it truly is a feeling i rather hide away beneath the surface sometimes.

we can all turn on the tv and see she has somebody else, complete with a family. none of that really matters to me, but it is what it is. i admit, all that forgiven i’d still like a day to meet her, just chill.  it’s like my whole life has revolved around the mysterious girl with the “superpowers,” it’d be better if we could just get it over with.

twenty.eleven’s closing: i decided to put my eggs in a basket and catch a watch the throne concert in seattle. i’ve seen kanye live before, but never jayz, and just knew with both of them together beyoncé was sure to be somewhere near. them beyoncé tickets sell out before they’re actually posted, so this might have been my only shot. i bought floor seats to make sure i had a view.

bey never showed up or, maybe i showed up too late. however i AM sure kanye west looked me dead in my eye and something strange started to happen. something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time. the whole atmosphere of the room changed. there they were, jayz and kanye west, two of the biggest rappers in the world on the stage but, i was about to tear the roof off that muthafucka! i needed her and was willing to take it to the moon and the stars to get her. that’s when it became clear, somebodies’ hiding her. Continue reading