.who do u fight for???/.

i was born with vision, vision to see things as they truly are and vision to see things before they become. the trouble in paris has been a hot topic for longer than about a week ago, before jayz and kanye west announced there was ‘niggas in paris’ there were bad people in paris, people there who wished to tear down the system and remove christ from this world. the fucked up thing is; i believe paris wanted them there. just like paris wanted beyoncé and jayz and kanye and kim kardashian living in their country a little while ago they wanted this war, which is what complicates the next step we must take as a globe.

the first black president, president barack obama, recently came on to announce paris as our oldest ally, which is truthfully backed by the colors in our flag and the one hundred fifty foot woman standing valiantly at our door. still, there is cause for hesitation in which step we are to take next. blessed, france has already initiated a response attack on the named perpetrators and has found and executed the presumed mastermind. all of this was done with a quicker turnaround than what it took for seal team six to find osama bin laden after the attacks on the world trade center in twothousandone. but still; there is reason for hesitation.

someone in the room is lying… and it is stinking up the whole atmosphere. the truth is this is not the first time that france has been ‘bombed’ by ‘terrorists’ and rumor has it they have gone so far as to initiate a few of these attacks on themselves in attempt to inspire serious american assistance from a government that has been dragging its feet for more than a decade. the most recent attack is said to have been carried out by a syrian terrorist group that was found in the german city of belgium, which puts us right back to where we started at the crux of world war ii. –enter russia and vladimir putin. Continue reading


.black life matters.

it’s a shame that a race of people so strong, a nation of people so determined, and a country of people self-obligated can’t agree on something so juvenile. the lives of black people matter. yes, all life matters but black life matters more than any other life on this earth because like the white polar bear, or the mexican gray wolf, or the freaky ass dolphin the japanese girl keeps killing; the black man is endangered. there has a been a systematic killing of our people for generations on top of generations and we have never found our refuge. what’s worse is this genocide was started by one of our own.

we were taken from our homes in africa, taken from our traditions, kicked out of our communities and made to watch them burn down repeatedly. no other group of people on earth have faced such harsh treatment globally as the black [woe]man, and for no other reason than the secret being hidden that God once walked this earth as a black man. this secret has caused a hatred and mistrust that runs deep as the nile in a place that once only sprung life for love. it saddens me.

this is an eclectic group of people, diverse in color as the rainbow allows, and the denial remains consistent. from infancy we are taught by our parents the rules of right && wrong — good &&& bad. someone who does something wrong is a person who trips an elderly as they are walking by and snickers. a person who does something good is someone who gives up their seat on the bus without obligation to the ill. beyond that, there is the adage, ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice…’ Continue reading


monday, the first black president of the united states addressed the public, “racism- we are not cured of it. and it’s not just a matter of it not being polite to say ‘nigger’ in public. no, that’s not the measure of whether racism still exists or not. it’s not just a matter of overt discrimination. societies don’t overnight, completely erase everything that happened two hundred to three hundred years prior.”

the sentiments fell on the heels of the south carolina shootings and murder of nine church going black men and women intended to start a race war in the streets. the angst and hatred people can have in their hearts for their neighbors is often disturbing, bringing to question is it worth even staying here??/ the true misfortune is this is an america that was built by black people, for black people and white people to come together and create a more efficient future. the news is a constant reminder of how far we have fallen off course.

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