.febraury essence.

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.who do u fight for???/.

i was born with vision, vision to see things as they truly are and vision to see things before they become. the trouble in paris has been a hot topic for longer than about a week ago, before jayz and kanye west announced there was ‘niggas in paris’ there were bad people in paris, people there who wished to tear down the system and remove christ from this world. the fucked up thing is; i believe paris wanted them there. just like paris wanted beyoncé and jayz and kanye and kim kardashian living in their country a little while ago they wanted this war, which is what complicates the next step we must take as a globe.

the first black president, president barack obama, recently came on to announce paris as our oldest ally, which is truthfully backed by the colors in our flag and the one hundred fifty foot woman standing valiantly at our door. still, there is cause for hesitation in which step we are to take next. blessed, france has already initiated a response attack on the named perpetrators and has found and executed the presumed mastermind. all of this was done with a quicker turnaround than what it took for seal team six to find osama bin laden after the attacks on the world trade center in twothousandone. but still; there is reason for hesitation.

someone in the room is lying… and it is stinking up the whole atmosphere. the truth is this is not the first time that france has been ‘bombed’ by ‘terrorists’ and rumor has it they have gone so far as to initiate a few of these attacks on themselves in attempt to inspire serious american assistance from a government that has been dragging its feet for more than a decade. the most recent attack is said to have been carried out by a syrian terrorist group that was found in the german city of belgium, which puts us right back to where we started at the crux of world war ii. –enter russia and vladimir putin. Continue reading

.the first black president.

the first black president

dedicated to the rose the grew from concrete

if you feel short and wish to feel tall all you have to do is jump without being afraid to fall.
soon you’ll be flying, next you will soar. good job kid you turned a jump into a dunk, and a dunk into a score.
but you don’t have to stop there. there’s so much more you could do, and don’t let anyone tell you differently because anything they can do you can do too.
they’ll say ‘you can go to africa to see how lions get food, but if you want to pet one you’ll have to go to the zoo.’
those will be the same friends who hand you a can when you say you want to taste the mountain dew, but what good is a friend who only believes in what you can’t do.
they put a man on the moon, a couple of monkeys too.
so, if you want to go you can; i hear the first thing you need to know is how to tie a tie on a space suit.
but you don’t have to stop there. there’s so much more you could do,
and don’t let anyone tell you differently because anything neil can do you can do too.
some may laugh at your belief
others may call you names like lame, strange, and insane.
but you can have the world as your playground if you tell them of the stars from which you came.
you could amaze the crowds as you pull a rabbit out of a hat.
or go over to julie’s yard if you want to dance to some modern jazz.

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