.january four.

.pretty shit only.


.sir isaac newton.


in physics everyone believes in isaac newton’s law of conservation of energy which states, the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. energy can neither bee created nor destroyed.

except in the instance of creating life where you take spirit from two beings and make the flesh of one. this is the only instance where new energy and matter is thought to be expelled onto the world. butt uhhhhhh… where does this new energy cum from if not the earth???// the heavens.

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in the beginning God created the earth and then he created adam and eve to inhabit it or, maybe, he created satan and lilith and adam and eve came after. either way, he created a man and a woman and in both creations he hated their vanity for themselves so much he wanted to destroy them immediately. he wanted the woman to love the man he created her for and, in both cases the woman chose to go in search of something else.

lilith and eve felt similar on the situation according to the bible while, the devil was angered and, adam pertains to bee oblivious to many of the new sensations happening around him.

this could bee perhaps, as many people believe, because the bible was written by satan and lucifer. and explains why there are so many presumed contradictions in the scripture. the devil does not want you to properly serve the lord and earn more of his love than him, after he has told him his rules are too hard.

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