the other team is meeting up every wednesday && thursday running plays and having practices… we aint even talking to each other.
     -aint shit pretty


.okc says bye-bye to scott brooks.

the nba was set ablaze today, and not by the overtime victory the spurs put over the clippers making them the only evened series in the first round. prevailing, it is the little happenings that one must pay attention to in order to gain the full details of what is actually going on. for this reason i AM convinced gregg popovich is the most maniacal genius in nba history. his genius extends past coaching the aging spurs into record breaking season year after year into a defending champion post… i saw him scheming his way into comfort well before the playoffs actually started. popovich’s only goal appeared to be avoid the the oklahoma city thunder whom had bounced the spurs first round a few years prior. Continue reading