have you ever seen the story of politics, power, and persuasion: ‘gladiator’???/ perhaps, you have. 

or maybe, you have noticed the plethora of people recently purchasing and opting to wear the famed gladiator sandals. this is ominously a noble deed; garnered towards protection, that in many social constructs guarantees a facade.

girls in some cultures unilaterally purchase and wear the gladiator’s sandals specifically after she has been deflowered and lost her purity amongst the Lord. she chooses to expose her body and bare feet, after lying down and giving her body to a lesser man. this uncleanly act is unforgivable. reflect, how much disease and contamination is spread through sex, and then consider how trite it appears to walk around fully dressed while exposed at your bottoms. 

you will notice how tempting individuals wearing the sandal tend to present themselves to the populous. usually giving off a faint smile, or aire of assurance, they are assuredly in totale need.

temperature is regulated from top to bottom and bottom to top, more than many people hide their weight and health problems by choosing to wear their thongs brazenly. if you have intentionally and boastfully defiled your body and soul it would be a sin to assume the Lordé God would stoop so low as to take on your illness as his own and contaminate the world in his offerings. would you allow him???//

if you have seen the movie, ‘gladiator’ i want you to think once of all of the world’s most beautiful cities and creations; brazille, lisbonne, italy, rome, the atlantic, oman, peru, egypt in africa, the deserts expanding russia into asia, and the diamonds fallen from heaven both black and gold. notice where all of these beautiful things come from, and who they belong to by birth. only in america is the color brown denigrated so much.

oil, gold, louis vuitton, puma, platinum, and chanel; are all constructs given to God’s favorites through grace and prominently through colour. lesser matriculated and melananized mean to dissuade and distract from you. continuously, ignorance has centurialized the thievrious behaviour savage gladiators have damned unto the chosen and blessed. 

an orgasm, for those who have experience, is a time in space where a fraction of your soul escapes your body and exchanges with another’s. you can; in love, give your orgasm to another and make a lesser detracted copy of yourself with that mate. this copy is erroneous by definition and intent. too many copies have left the world in disorder and without a wheel to call on God’s favour for restructure. the lost are unprovoked in righteousness and assault on will. we will never stand on equal footings.


aint shit pretty.


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