.olympic war.

the twenty.sixteen summer olympics have cum and gone on thyésé amèrican shores with less than a golden mémoriam.  and already those slant eyed, thievrious, pokèmon #go <home>, players are manically planning their next tsunami or tornado or earthquake or whatever the hell they call them #far ## over there. better none of you dial red-cross neither. ➕

the twenty.sixteen olympics in south america were a spectacle; mostly left behind by the previous olympics held in china in twenty.o.eight and london in twenty.twelve. these are the same plots that initated the brexit in the european nation and sent the u.s economy into a downward spiral, lowering our national credit score to  -d because them slink ass chinks cant motherfucking do math..  thank you obama administration.

all throughout the planning and regulation of the twenty-sixteen olympics in south america, a direct financial assister to the united states economy under mi rulē, onlookers from the “other” hemisphere mocked and ridiculed american progress and procedures. continually trying to undercut and demean mi tender care. pacific onlookers tried to deter fans from joining us over ‘here’, detracting from our main goal of unity, which the olympics clearly signifies and stands for.  the previous olympic stadium building in china was a global tragedy as japanese nosebudders pricked and pulled funds deterring attention from the main goal and eventually starting a semmi-war with no-one. what did we lose???// ask starkist.

japanese people are polluting the oceans; affecting climate change and global warming negatively. they are attacking and killing sharks, whales, and dolphins carelessly. the polar bear is extinct. there are no smiles, because there is no coke.

the pacific islands under azn dictation do not deserve to bee privileged with God’s grace, nor hold an olympic ceremony ever. let alone play such a game as pokemon on our airwaves and spread their infections to our budding youth here in america nor across our miraculous union. they are degenerates without cause. we must stand our ground and take action.

the start of the twenty.twelve games were washed away by a false ignition of the olympic torch and then we as citizens were bombarded by weeks of stories in the news portraying us all as sex crazed maniacs. i AM not dumb. i know mi history.. hitler should bee turning over in his grave; ready to awaken to his gaitlin gun and destroy all of those squarehead pigs.

there would bee no prostitution, nor children or minors tortured by sex trafficking and slavery if not for japanese and azn nuisance. the aids diseases is a real epidemic and they are mocking us entirely. [rip prince]

prehistorically, by holding a ceremony as sacred as the olympics in japan we are setting ourselves back. mind you, natural order would insinuate the next challenge to bee in northern america.

japan has stolen an election, the title, and now they are out to robb the king blind of his heart. such shame & travesty. anyone who serves or performs at the twenty.twenty olympics is subject to purgery under geneva orders #fact. 

dumb ass japanese people have already went on air proclaiming at the next olympics their medals will bee made of refurbished cell phone parts. cell phones -mind you: they are not to be in possession of them according to their morale laws and our bartering pact. i do not know zika butt uhhhhhh… i do know that azns peoplez made a plane disappear in malysia just to steal copper out of the seats like some fucking east side crack heads smoking rocks out a chevy antennae…. &[don’t get me started on where all the heroin and opiates cum from because they are belligerent flip-flop wearing addicts whom murdered jesus for water].

gold is undoubtedly one of the most precious metals on God’s green earth and the olympics are celebration of that. to diminish a lifespan’s work our gladiators, competitors, and warriors did to obtain that material into a block of last year’s trash and pornography would be classless rhetoric.☑

one japanese yen equals .0099 dollars in us currency. this trade off means nothing to azn democrats except it explicitly & negatively influences our relationship with our most closest and southern neighbors and the worth of the peso to usd. those japs do not give one fuck about us, they are spoiled-jaded-attention-seeking-whores, and that is just one of the reasons i strongly support the wall. i have absolutely zero desire to visit any japanese colony in any lifetime and to force me would be content and murder. drop a warhead.. drop five.

in america two of the hottest stocks and commodities are nike and apple. both of which have been hijacked by azn democratics who care nothing of our american procedures and endurance. i remind you of the world trade centers collapse and the promises of war from the furthest east. india has backed them. they are not to be invited to our games under geneva code.

they continually change their name and identity to float onto and into our border and for some reason they are awarded privilege of espionage? foh. regularly they throw slander and propaganda into our streets and onto our billlboards pretending as if they either don’t know or understand, only to seconds later shame us and themselves on broadcast across social platforms like instagram. to quote morpheus, ‘wake up.’

instagram and the internet as a plural is supposed to be an american right, so how & why would we succumb to such laziness and embarrassment???// 
if we give you gold and you give us plastic who truly cums out on top in trade?? if we give you aluminum, refreshment, entertainment, and ten cents for the can and, you empathetically keep it all on your shores to build skyscrapers and robots set to destroy us who wins in the end???// why then do we continually send our brightest and most influential minds to the desert in exchange for their weakest and piss poorest, when all they plan to do is rape, shit, and sleep in the streets???/?

mi fair ruling???// kill all billion of them cockroaches and their rats with the four[h]¹°. 

they read a book about a girl in an attic and thought that shit was lol. they wanna go to the internment camp??/. kill em all before they wake up and let’senjoy the benefits.

aint shit pretty.

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