.pray – phd.

if i sha’ll die.

if i sha’ll die…
before i wake
i prey the lord mi soul to take….

dear father; i know you hear me,
it’s your most humble servant.
i know i don’t deserve it.
i know mi life is worthless..
butt uhhhhhh…. i been hurtin,
lackin nourishment.
i can’t even afford a quarter bag of chips.
&&- it’s like, as soon as i get to the corner i get discouraged.
went through every borrough lookin for this girl i dreamt.
all to find i don’t exist.
now that’s the shit that i won’t admit.
grew up child molested.
her father pimpin.
what would y’all expect, they only men to her???//
puttin in a call, a text..
pickin up mi pen for her.
because, them cyber threats, i know they getting to her.
dear father.


i said goodbye in texas,
suddenly i AM talking reckless.
i fantasized you naked,
get depressed cause all you mention..
rollin round in benz. private jets.
your life’s ‘big pimpin!!!!’
mines??/ it has a stench.
i AM dodging pigs.
those sirens get to me.
take another shot.
God, they throwing shot.
guard me from their plots.
God is all we got.

here we stand, united in this fight.
or AM i just a man who is divided in his plight???//
[bow down.]

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last time
conversations with no-one


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