.genesis eleven.

merriam, the name on the dictionary, has no direct definition itself: except; blasphemy to the Lord, creator of all tongues and language.

merriam’s people have taken it a step further unto the belief that we all are as shitty as they aspire to bee. to be gay or sodomized is to be merri. to sodomize is to rape. to rape someone is to rob someone of their God given right to life and their soul. there can be no “pursuit of happiness” within the absence of life.

merri people have gone to venture expecting us to all go back on our promises to God. they’ve stolen, the rainbow, a symbol from God and written pride besides it. [trifling].

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.olympic war.

the twenty.sixteen summer olympics have cum and gone on thyésé amèrican shores with less than a golden mémoriam.  and already those slant eyed, thievrious, pokèmon #go <home>, players are manically planning their next tsunami or tornado or earthquake or whatever the hell they call them #far ## over there. better none of you dial red-cross neither. ➕

the twenty.sixteen olympics in south america were a spectacle; mostly left behind by the previous olympics held in china in twenty.o.eight and london in twenty.twelve. these are the same plots that initated the brexit in the european nation and sent the u.s economy into a downward spiral, lowering our national credit score to  -d because them slink ass chinks cant motherfucking do math..  thank you obama administration.

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