.max v. troy.


troy was a massive nation in need of a hero. mi people took maximus and delivered him troy. the people of troy cried and rebelled against maximus’ rule but were better because of it.

one night the guard overheard the townspeople plotting to overtake maximus and return troy back to it’s ‘freedoom’. mi people, understood the faults and dangers and once again saw to maximus’ safety. we brought max to america where we drew up a plot to avenge his attempted murder.

maximus saw no need for revenge because he could easily see how lost the people of troy were without him in their misunderstanding. and he could see our love had unwavered through time.

the people of troy grew sick, blind, and poor without their appointed leader and began to search for the one they once rebelled against. they waged war against everyone in their path, demanding maximus at their throne.

max could see the trails of fire and death behind them and refused to return and serve as their king. the people of troy refused to return home without their leader.

today, they are still here awaiting for maximus to once again draw his sword and end their misery. i suspect they would have returned home already, seeing that troy would rather live with other kings than savages butt uhhhhhh…. they probably ignited it to ash before departing and are now homeless.

aint shit pretty.


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