with the self proclaimed first black president, barack obama’s, terms cumming to an end truth’s are beginning to emerge about his presidency.

obama famously ran a campaign on change, tapping into mi psyche, and collecting an abundance of accolades and even a few nobel prizes along the way. perhaps most famously was the obamacare initiative. jfk was sadistically murdered for his belief in the free health system butt uhhhhh…. obama survived and made us better for it. we got free weed, and we even got gay marriage. whatever that has to do with anything???//

barack obama even almost cured aids before that plane went missing in malaysia and then ebola resurged in america and africa… did someone say zika??// no???// ok.

cnn, headquartered in atlanta, just realeased an article on hiv/aids post obama’s peace prize run. cnn is notoriously known for getting the stats wrong for something as serious as this, so i wanted to make sure i got set the record straight.
please remember i AM not a doctor.
i AM the mfnPhD!

according to the article;

if you’re a man who has sex only with women, your chances of getting hiv are very low. if you’re a man who has sex with men [an msm], your chances of getting hiv are much higher. the centers for disease control and prevention [cdc] estimates that almost twenty% of msm are hiv positive.

mfnPhD says,
i agree if you are a man who only has sex with women your chances of getting hiv are low butt uhhhhhhhhh… there are still many other things to look out for. hiv/aids is not a sexual disease it is an ethnic disease and this is why movements like #trump2016, #brexit, #measles, and #flushots are important.

if you’re an msm your chances of catching hiv are greater than msf and certain precautions must bee taken. men having sex with men is generally ok [ignoring religion] butt uhhhhhhh…. you want to bee extremely careful because you are sharing your body in a new way and the openings are very susceptible to tears and cuts.

if you lose an blood or an organ you want to replace it with blood of a similar type. if you do not replace it with the right type of blood you may grow extremely ill. the simplest way to ensure you receive the proper aid in case of an emergency is to make sure you are only dating and engaging in sex with people of a similar make up as you, either dna or rna.

men are numerous in size, intent, and trait which is what makes it more likely that msm will contract hiv than msf.

women who engage with other women have a much lower chance of contracting hiv because the chace of a blood exchange is almost nonexistent through simple “licking and petting.”

women who have sex with men promiscuously run the highest risk of catching aids because they have sex with a lot of men of different backgrounds. she may engage with a black man, a white man, and a mexican man in one week or maybe even in one day. practicing these kinds of sex habits recklessly displays she doesn’t love herself, therefore she probably doesn’t protect herself, and because of that she is at risk. they say one in four for a reason.

indian people have a very high risk of hiv, somewhere around an eighty% chance of contracting the disease if you have sex with one. there is a rumor that they can get rid of the aids by having sex with an american. so basically, the muslims and terrorists are here waiting until they can fuck and kill you.

interracial dating between white women and black men is usually not that big of a deal as long as the white woman doesn’t date asians too, this is closer to around sixty% because some asians will have sex with an indian then negligently go and have sex with their tribe again, killing them off.

there is no official cure for aids and i do not plan to make one available as long as indians are living in canada, north, and south america. they created this disease out of greed and in an attempt to murder you. they deny it’s existence. and are continually using white, african, and asian people against america and the black race.

for years people have blamed gay men for this disease butt uhhhhhhh… the truth is many gay men know of its existence and we’re early to bee on the lookout. america suffered a long outbreak amongst our black women suffering when europeans moved to our country and brought with them prostitution. a lot of black women became jealous of their white counterparts making money for sex and began to sell their body too. they became addicted to drugs and lost the love in their body. unsuspecting black men caught the disease from the women and passed it along to other woman in the process. this is why black women are the number one sufferers of hiv/aids in america, keeping up with the jones kardashians.

cheating does more than hurt people, it kills them.
what men need to know about hiv -according to cnn



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