.shoot for the stars.

why is it that people only get excited and gather around calls to action made by celebrities, many of whom found on bet, a station we all admit to gathering around and berating at least twice a year, lol.
are not our dreams more grandoise than what was seen strictly in tigger’s mama’s basement??/
every time there is something going wrong in our communties, the so called idols of our lives disappear and cum back wanting more accolades for nothing.
they killed martin luther king jr. they killed malcolm x. marcus garvey lived, but died hated. and we will never hear trayvon’s testimony.
i support artist like jamie foxx who have taken a leap of faith and spoken up for our people on a personal level butt uhhhhhh.. i hate that we can not unify our selves beyond a bet awards and social media.
destiny is more than a child. your dreams are your neighbor’s dreams and we are all here to aid in completing them.


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