the only problem with ‘frozen’ is the same thing wrong with every other disney movie; skin tone.
[#blm btw]
the story takes place in california where red, green, and white searches for red, green, and black!! the sisters have a small disagreement on skin color a là ‘beauty and the beast’ that is masked behind a sexuality problem.

from lands across cums “prince charming” [some white guy on a horse] looking to take advantage of the separated and weakened sisters, elsa and anna. 
a real king would know, as sisters their strength is placed together and would have never tried to separate them. but still he manages to drive a wedge between the girls and drive e away.
she hears about sir charmsalot’s plans and returns to help her sister before things turn dire. the foreign visitor gets kicked out and elsa is crowned as queen.

i look forward to the sequel butt uhhhhhhhh… disney always gets it wrong in a quest for dollars over morals. rumor has it in the sequel the sisters will be gay. i think that is a cool american idea but it has received lots of backlash in the media recently along with the dory’s parents being lesbian in disney’s finding series.

the sisters becoming gay does not solve the plot problem nor answer justly why the visiting theif was neither good enough for the lower sister. though i do think it could begin to explain elsa’s special gift, along with helping her control it.
also, a fine and handsome black knight riding into town might help answer the girl’s love problems in ways that the stealing white man could not.

aint shit pretty.

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