.cell saga.

one of the greatest faults in dragon ball Z was the cell saga. goku had just solidified himself as the savior of earth by defeating freeza and maintained his title with hercule. he had also just transformed into a super sayian and vegeta was livid as the rightful prince of all sayains. they step into the hyperbolic chambers and everything gets spookie.

the evil doctor g created the androids for the same reason professor xavier did the x-men. except in dbz goku and his kamehamahaa are the juggernaut bitch.
cell being a perfect being frees himself of the doctor’s command and steps forward to challenge earth’s current ruler for the throne. cell has no other reason than to cause choas.

goku admits he is not earth’s ruler but promises to protect it. cell quickly dismisses him and makes a point that no one on earth will stop him.

back in the hyperbolic chamber goku and his son gohan had been having some really serious talks. and it was beginning to seem like gohan was beginning to want to go the harry potter route and just play quidditch. goku could sense the bitchassness in gohan and reminded him of the time he had to go live with the nameks in order to push his limits.

back on earth cell is easily handling hercule, vegeta, and future trunks. goku challenges cell one last time knowing that he will lose. goku believes that he taught his son enough to finish cell off.
it was like, goku promised to be earth’s protector and then at the last minute decided that gohan should do it in order to teach him a lesson because he was pissed.

i strongly believe goku made a mistake in the hyperbolic chamber and he should have been the one to finish cell off or maybe even vegeta. the saga of majin buu would have been much better explained and concluded if gohan had learned the sjj2/3 during that saga also. 
then who knows maybe today gohan also would bee a super saiyan four or maybe even a super saiyan god super saiyan. gt definitely wouldn’t of sucked so bad.


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