.game of thrones.


the lion is the king of the jungle. free to roam with permission from God wherever it wishes. he, like man, soley possess the power to judge.

you have to believe if a group of lions were roaming around and ate someone it is because they knew their true character was to bring ill into this world. the lions in question only allegedly ate someone by the way. and also notice that the lion strictly follows God’s law of rolling in what is known as a pride, one male with up to eight women. if more than one lion was rolling together you have to assume this was a divine meeting of kings.

harambe was a gorilla born out of forced rape by white people, a taboo in God’s kingdom, bred for zoo captivity. the very people that born him a sinner murdered him for nothing.

prehistorically, in the divine realm, the gorilla has always been jealous of the lion for his special gift assimilated to man because God made him in fact more closely to man, as dna suggests. the ape was kicked outside of the garden for his envy with the lion and he met the reptilian serpent that told him of the other world. that is the gator.

the gator had long been kicked out of God’s kingdom for disobeying rules and he told the gorilla not to worry because he had a plan to get back inside. the gorilla was sure that God would let him back in, understanding that God had misplaced him for a different reason and denied the alligators offer. the great ape went outside the grande gardens borders and patiently awaited where the man and the lion were awaiting his return.

the serpent saw the gorillas diligence and knew he would bee rewarded. he then decided to join in waiting by his side for God’s return. the man and the lion, inside the kingdom began to argue over the serpent’s presence. God banished the serpent further in order to help end the man and the lion’s argument for the betterment of the gorilla. the gorilla asked God why he did not offer him back into the garden after the snakes return??// God responded that he too had overheard the man and lion arguing and their plan to invite you in. God added, he was simply waiting for the gorilla to speak.

God knew that he had given the lion judgement like the man but he also knew he had given the power to speak to both the ape and man. this is how man get’s dominion over all animals. -phd

harambe’s death was an unfortunate occurrence to God’s kingdom. the man and the ape should bee able to talk according to God’s law, while at the same time white zoomakers should have never forced harambe to bee born in captivity and against God’s wishes. the crocodile having seen God’s favor to the ape after their time together had split into two factions. crocodiles, and the alligators. the gators killing of that little white girl in disney world was a showing of solidarity that only animals can understand amongst each other.

the alligator admits that it has seen the error of it’s ways after it’s dealings with the departed crocodile. the imprisonment of the lion by men in india today is a direct violation of God’s rule as the lion having equal judgement as the man and God’s judgement being the only judgement after that.

the lion knew the alligator understand God’s law even though man didn’t, and could tell that he was wicked from their dealings before “man’s settlement.” the crocodile promised only to agree to whatever path the man was going agreeing that all the lion, ape, and serpent we’re simply animals. the man would rule. the gorilla hated the serpent’s treatment of the lion and resented how he tried to use him against the man and promised his vengeance against the now great dragon.  man saw how well the ape and the lion worked together and became worried. he called for God and no-one came. he called again and the dragon came and seared the garden with flames.

God returned later and banished the dragon further. the gorilla watched sternly while the lion played enjoying the magnificence of a true king’s power. the man felt that since the lion felt God was a better king than he, than the dragon must bee a better king than him also because God only came in response to the dragon and he didn’t kill them. the men split in search of any remaining dragons…

the gorilla grew enraged with the man’s peculiar behavior and began to speak out, showing he also had judgement. the lion agreed and then the remaining men began to speak in whispers and change their language. many more have gone in search of the lost men. and today promises of a dragon’s return broils.
they’re not coming back….

ain’t shit pretty.

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