.three hunnid.


what happened to all the native americans anyway???/ the indians killed them.

in the movie three hundred, the spartans, one of the first great civilizations to support democracy [like america] got into a war with a group of terrorists from the east. what happened???/ they went across the desert fighting wave after wave of sandy villians until eventually being out numbered by what they referred to as a billion soldiers in a new magical city.
the spartans fell to their death in that city and the republic sent promises of revenge across the bloodied desert.
xerxes and his forces made plans once again to take over the spartans home and kill democracy with their magic. they immediately began to double and triple their numbers with their new gained knowledge of the fallen spartans ways.

whats going on today???// we’re a nation founded on democracy, just like the spartans. we have recently seen the greek economy collapse in europe, and it affects the dollars trade value. as a young nation we are losing critical jobs and corporations to india and many muslim backed countries also. we have currently been at war since two thousand two with countries in the middle east… the eighties actually with the first bush. what are we doing wasting our time fighting wave after wave of self proclaimed terrorists???// we know where the master threat has come from. we now have allies on our side who have seen and conquered the so called magical city before. you are right mr. barack obama. we are not at war with islam. we are at war with the country of india. let’s stop wasting our time in the dessert and deliver them their destiny.
aint shit pretty.

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