.star wars.

an al qaeda fighter snuck into america and illegally watched a movie he knew he wasn’t supposed to see. it is one of the most successful franchises in pop culture and no-one knows what it is about. the isis supporter broke down the movie by saying, america is the empire and india is like luke and han. wrong.

if india is luke and han it’s because indians and muslims are gay faggot ass bitches, chewbaca and c3po too while we’re at it.

the star wars story is about luke and leia. christ and his virgin sister, who is supposed to find him a woman to love and another woman to bear his child in order to fulfill a prophecy.

you will notice that though this story takes place in the distant future, the land is dry and barren, desolate and sandy. people are restricted to rations because the indians are a notoriously greedy clan that move from city to city spreading sickness. they are greedy consumers who have stolen everything from the white people and the empire who were too trusting. notice jaba the hutt is a fat sloppy slum lord!! and the fact that he has his life is supposed to mean he is one of the good ones.

the jedi have no plan for dealing with the issue, they’re just clinging to their power and blaming the sith for not helping them, typical white people if you ask me. they are judgemental and obi wan and yoda are accused rapist who lost their life for it. the sith are actually trying to work to destroy the indians and return peace to the galaxy butttt people have started to respect and fear jaba too much because the empire left him behind.

you will notice the sith’s leader is black and he knows how to control white people just by using his mind… you will also notice that earth’s actual empire under british [white people] rule has taken ownership and responsibility for the country of india and everyone hates them for it’s burden. they’re rude. they feel entitled to whatever is yours. they’re uncontrollable. they multiply excessively quickly. they are greedy. they steal, kill, and rape each other. and they consume everything in their path until it is no more.

no one wants you to know what that movie is really about because it is both biblical and political, the two things you’re forbidden from discussing. every one will take your fifty dollars to watch it though at amc. except for the indian person, he will illegally download it from the pirate bay and then charge you twenty dollars to watch it at his house. butt uhhhhh… don’t worry, he’ll let you have sex with his wife too as soon as the kids are asleep.


aint shit pretty.

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