.sir isaac newton.


in physics everyone believes in isaac newton’s law of conservation of energy which states, the total energy of an isolated system remains constant—it is said to be conserved over time. energy can neither bee created nor destroyed.

except in the instance of creating life where you take spirit from two beings and make the flesh of one. this is the only instance where new energy and matter is thought to be expelled onto the world. butt uhhhhhh… where does this new energy cum from if not the earth???// the heavens.

science and religion meet to agree that man is as many numbered as the stars in the sky. the sun, being our solar systems center is literally a fireball of energy. what happens when man and woman cum together to bring new matter into this world???// the sun grows larger, preparing to provide warmth for the new being. stars that grow extremely large become red giants. when all of that energy is consumed the giants explode and create space debris known to you and i as meteors.

meteors are the scary thought that propels the need for nuclear weapons. stars are used as navigational tools for those lost in the night. the sun’s energy in correlation with the wind’s movement is why people fight. why do you only wish to consume and block out the sun’s light from the rest of us are the questions we ask.

i was born on jan. fourth, sir isaac newton’s birthday btw, so i got answers.

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