.super tuesday.


the truth is hillary clinton has been running for presidency since 1993. after big got shot in 97′ and bill popped lewinsky in 98′, everyone began to question hillary and she saw her chances of becoming the first woman president of the united states begin to slip away. there were date rape allegations circling the clintons similar to the ones bill cosby has today, and bill cosby had problems back then too.

we all famously know that bill clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman butt uhhhhhh… there were seriously questions about hillary. hillary was [is??/] gay and everyone knew it. she undoubtedly married for power and not love. bill got to enjoy the throne because she never thought the american public would accept her considering her sexuality. and she hid her sexuality bi using date rape strategies.

eventually hillary, like a modern beyoncé, agreed to stay with her man during the trying times in exchange for power. and she moved to new york after leaving washington. #lemonade

the millennium shift saw the bush’s in presidential power and the clinton’s as lords of new york. clinton was doing a good job as senator with bill at home and happily touring, until the puff daddy prediction of the twin towers dropping came true. reports say that someone in new york knew the day of destruction was cumming on the day puff daddy, affiliate jayz, would go on to release his most celebrated album ‘the blueprint’ with new producer and trouble maker kanye west. war had started in the middle east between warring factions of islam, the yazidi and the sunni.

kanye west made a blanket statement about bush not caring about black people and all hell broke out in the social and political worlds as well. butt uhhhhh… hillary definitely seemed on the retreat.

maybe on one of their trips to chicago to visit kanye and kim, beyoncé and jayz presumably met the young and charismatic politician barack obama. obama wasn’t initially interested in becoming president butt uhhhhhhhh… with a little wifely persuasion he was easily able to cum to his senses and p. diddy immediately started the ‘vote or die’ campaign.

the truth continues; hillary had a little jealousy that a black man had won the presidency before a white woman butt uhhhhhhh… at least she was able to clearly see the presidency in her grasps again. she took a position as secretary of state after a bout of hesitation, probably still being able to feel the heat from nine/eleven. she was not very good at the job. she lied numerous times about her whereabouts, knowledge, and tactics until eventually, she was forced to step down in order to save face if she wanted the presidency.

so this is where we are today; a grown woman who can’t even bee honest about her sexuality or the person she is in love with begging to bee in control of your destiny and your children’s destiny.
aint shit pretty.

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