.we all the way up.

niggas talkin shit
but bull, eye’ll predict the future;
you aint gon get yo bitch back.
ny took it from tha d??/ well now they gon give that shit back.
don’t get yo shit smacked.
bi now???// you gon get yo shit splat.
roqq a fella til he bleek then hit him with the mac.
we all the way upp!!!
you niggas just downloadin.
he tryna bee us!!!!
you niggas must not know him.
so, why when puff cum around this nigga get ghost then???//
tell them about the God.
niggas know hov get no spins.
we all the way uppp!!!!!!!
turn this bitch to eleven.
i got mi eye on you snakes
bi mi thigh is the seven.
you tryna play us???//
i AM the most high,
that’s why you scared of me.
get hit from both sides big and pac waitin on you in heaven.
[all the way upp remix response]
conversations with no-one.

if you wanna hear wat he said that got me amped anyway, go find that shit on ya own.
ain’t shit pretty.

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