bi now, the secret is out… i AM a tiny little bit of a racist butt uhhhhhh…. i want you to hear me out and understand it’s not all mi fault.

it always ends up being a white and black issue because it’s easily most identifiable butttt uhhhhhhhhhhhh…. the minorities [or the majorities, as they’ve recently flipped] are the real problem.

there’s a youth told story i remember about the americains, living in sin and nothingness, banished away to the land of cain, hidden in the dark and away from God’s watchful eye.

there’s also another youth told story i remember more specifically about man’s encounter with these people of cain.

i dont wanna go to mexico no moe moe moe…. there’s a big fat baby at the do’ do’ do’… he’ll grab you bi the collar. make you pay a dollar. i don’t wanna go to mexico no moe moe moe.

i have an interesting family history. mi past says i should have never been born buttt uhhhhhh… here i AM, a whimsical tale of two cities, in the flesh.

pangaea was described to me as something that really happened. something that God allowed to happen to the land out of pain and preservation. what happens after pangaea splits is two large continental masses are put onto earth separated only bi the greatness of the ocean.

i want you to remember, in the bible it says God told noah to build an ark and count the sheep because, he was going
wipe the land clean.  i then want you to remember your american history; the journey to the new land. people built and filled large ships with intentions of crossing the atlantic ocean and seeing what God’s preservation had to give. the crossing took somewhere between thirty and forty days, many storms were reported, and more lives were taken in the process.

mi family entered here through south america.

north america wasn’t yet fully settled but, we had heard about what was going on in the north and we had a plan to fix it. there were literally hundreds of millions of slaves and black people in south america at the time, everyone looking for their rise to the top.  before Jehovah had split pangaea into two, africa and south america shared a union butt uhhhhhh…. even today that truth seems hidden.

why would they hide it you ask???//
because ain’t shit pretty, of course.

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