yesterday i went to the beyoncé concert, or whatever…. of course i had romanticized the idea in mi head repeatedly before hopping on the rail butt uhhhhhhh…. i really don’t know what i AM doing anymore.

the surviving queen has been on tour for just about a month. a month before she went on tour it made news that ‘we the best’ dj khaled had worked out a deal and signed to jayz’s roc nation management. about a week after that, it was announced khaled would bee going on tour with beyoncé as an opening act, and presumably as security to make sure no scrubs try to chat up the queen in her now vulnerable moments.

khaled spent about half an hour playing jayz songs, which needless to say pissed me off buttt uhhhhhhhhha i was surprised to see how agitated everyone else in the stadium got, especially considering how quiet the night had been to that point. the crowd seemed restless and angered that bey still had any dealings with jay and khaled alike. i even overheard many people speaking about the beyoncé cd, and how they thought she was breaking up with him then…. i know i did.

she let them cool off for about an hour before coming out to thrill them.
she really is gorgeous i suppose, the crowd was enamored butt uhhhhhhhhh… there was still a very large elephant in the room or should i say camel???//

she performed easily for two hours, almost three. i AM just soo confused though. like officially over it. people started leaving the show early, she had about three or four more songs to sing. she closed out with a prince tribute that was really pretty and then she finaled with the song ‘die with u’ which she released last year on tidal and dedicated to jayz on their anniversary.

i thought that was funny because she made that song last year for their anniversary and this year it was big news that they didn’t do anything major to celebrate. and then the #lemonade was spilt. i really don’t know what to think of all that from where i was seated butttt uhhhhhhhhhhhh…. i think someone is about to die.
hope it ain’t me.
ain’t shit pretty.

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