i walk into the bodega at the end of the block and see a fine ass lil shortie outside licking on an strawberry  icecream cone. i do everything short of putting mi hands on her butt uhhhhhh.. got damn i want it bad.

she give me all the love she got with just the flick of her eyelashes and does an ill ass move with her lips. before i forget why i came up here, i grab mi dick in response and walk into the store, returning with a bag of cheddar and cream ruffles and a pack a now & laters for shortie; since i know she good with the action.

she graciously accepts mi gift and exchanges me her name and number for it.  the wheels are already in motion, i AM gonna see her later tonight without a doubt. i lazily walk off giving her that same eye action back and run into mi padnahh up the block. this one of mi boons buttt uhhhhhhh… homie seem off his one today.

“wuddup??/” i ask, not really wanting to hear the answer.
“you tryna buy some j’s??/”
not really but i ask anyway, “wat size??/”
“shit, they elevens… what size you wear?//”

i look him up and down again, and can tell he aint just tryna sell me a pair of shoes, homie look badd lowkey, he need the money and, i AM tryna see shortie again later tonight.

“i wear eleven.. eleven and a half.. let me see them hoes…”
“they back at the crib,” he points down the block the other way. “them bitches clean doe, you gonna fuck with em. roll back with me, i’ll smoke you out too for fuckin with me.”

i tip the last of the ruffles to mi mouth and agree.. “we out.”

back at the crib he pull out some fire ass xiv’s, still with the box. they already mine.. they too crispy.

“how much you want for em doe???//” letting the marijuana smoke draw out the remnants of mi question.
“how much you got on you??/”
“shit, one forty.”
i pull the right one of the box, to inspect it once more… “one fifteen… i got some shit i gotta do later too.”
“nigga wat u gotta do later??//”
“lil hunnie dip, i met up at the store earlier.”
“who cidney?/ nigga bee careful!! that bitch certified! mi nigga pierre just hit last week, he said that bitch pussy was busted!!! and mi nigga alex said the same thing.” he passes the blunt back to me.
i take the swisher and let mi thoughts swirl before saying anything.
“good, that mean she gonna bee able to fit mi shit no problems,” i grab mi nuts and laugh it off before going in mi pocket and tossing brodie the cash.
“we good??/”
“one hunnid,” he daps me up and shows me the door.

the sun seem brighter for some reason, or maybe mi eyes just smaller. it’s only four thirty butt i need to start getting ready for the night if i AM gonna make this move. i need to wash mi car too, i hate having a dirty ass car.

i grab mi new shoes out the box and bless the laces before putting them on with a matching fitted.tonight gonna bee a good night, marvelous even.

the whip aint necessarily dirty, it’s just, i don’t fuck around like that forreal. a lot of niggas talk shit butt uhhhhh.. i AM one of the only ones who popp shit!! fwm.

i AM over on the south side washing mi shit, letting that new fifa by the mfnPhD bump through the airwaves when twelve makes a circle around. i turn mi shit down a little because i know they always bee on that bullshit when you young gifted and black butt uhhhhhh.. i AM still gonna do me, i haven’t done anything wrong, just enjoying the weather.

pig pulls off the main road and into the car wash lot and kind of tries to t me in.

… this that shit i don’t like.

he goes through all the effort of getting out of his vehicle and approaching me.

“everything alright here??/”

i act like i aint hear him, and make no effort to respond. i AM just listening to music and washing mi car. besides if something was wrong and i had called the police because somebody got shot or something, he wouldn’t bee over here trying to see if everything was alright.. they’d wait two hours to show up and let fam die.

“i said, is everything alright??/” the infliction in his tone changes. “what’s your name?? i AM gonna need you to turn your music down.”

i comply turning mi music down a few notches but, i don’t say anything else without quickly finishing with mi car wash.

“cat must got your tongue huh, boy.”

“i AM a grown ass man dogg. why are you bothering me??/” i ask before opening mi driver door and attempting to get into mi freshly cleaned vehicle.

“well, no need to start that tone with me, i just asked how your day was going.. if you haven’t done anything why are you fidgeting around in your door?”

“so we’re friends now??/”

“yeah, don’t you wanna come live at my house for the next year or so??/ we got great chefs and a library to die for. let me see some id.”

“fuck you dogg..” i get into mi car and close the door putting the key into the ignition.

the cop walks over to mi car and taps the glass, “i AM going to need that id or, are you resisting?/”

it’s times like this that make a black man really need huey p. newton craze ass.

he taps again, and calls for black up.

“why AM i being arrested???//”

“you’re not being arrested, you are just being detained.”


“your id sir??//”

“you fit the description of a suspect to an earlier complaint. and there is a faint smell of marijuana in your vicinity.”

“you got the suspects name??/”

“no,” he response is flat.

“so what does me showing you mi id prove??/”

the other officer arrives with back up for the back up. there are now three officers squared off blocking me into the car wash.

“what did the suspect look like??/” i ask the question sure that there’s no way he could look like me, as i AM a divine one of one.

he responds almost mockingly, “black male, your height, nappy hair, those shoes.”

“so you’re going around harasshing every black person you see wearing jordans and who is mi height today??/ how tall AM i???//”


one of the supporting officers sees his attitude beginning to flare and approaches to assist him.

“what seems to bee the problem here??/” she places her hands to her hip, “we’re going to need you to step out of the vehicle sir.”

before i can make a move one of the officers has pulled out and sprayed mase through the crack in the door. it swings open and another officer tazes me before pulling me out of the car and slamming me onto the heated concrete.
“stop resisting!”

an over aggressive knee drives into mi spine and i hear a pop as he flings mi arms behind mi back. the cuffs get tighter and tighter as i begin to get weaker…. i was just washing mi car.

why would you expect me to ever trust the police???/

ain’t shit pretty.

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