.motown blues.

people act like mike wasn’t motown to the core.  like berry gordy wasn’t a real person. like marvin gaye died for nothing…. i was born in the late eighties, you only know these stories one way.

i been feelin this way for a while butt uhhhhhh… i never know who to tell butttt uhhhhhhhhhh…. i hate it when people particularly from michigan stan for jayz and beyoncé. tupac used to be in the thumb of the mitten all the time, showing love, then he goes to new york and ends up shot and eventually dead.  aaliyah was from detroit, heaven sent, she started messing around with them new york niggas, jayz and dame, and then she end up dead too … i hate that shit &&& ever since pac died jay been a “god” in rap and ever since aaliyah died beyoncé has been the undisputed queen of rnb butttt uhhhhhhhhhh… what has michigan gotten??// we started out as motown music and vehicle capital of the world. they took our music. they shut down our shops. steal our jobs. make fun of our education. promote gang violence and drugs to our children. kill at will. &&&& all some of y’all have to say is, ‘they’re rich’ let em do what they want!!!’ he stole that money. they poisoning you and your children. you buying they album.lol! he confessing!! they talking about they’re gonna live forever and you’re about to die…. ain’t no fuckin game.

if you only knew some of the beautiful things aaliyah wished to do in michigan!!! and she wanted mi help!!!!
ain’t shit pretty.

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