.twenty times jayz admitted he cheats.


soooooooo, last week prince died and immediately following, prince’s interim successor to the throne, releases her much anticipated follow up to twenty.thirteen’s ‘beyoncé’ visual album, which was mostly mi idea btw.

to say i AM pissed is an understatement. i think i made it pretty fucking clear i didn’t want the cd to cum out unless she belonged to me and i was a part of the project.. i was not and now prince is dead. the big reveal on the album was, jayz is cheating on her!! she didn’t even accuse him of cheating, she just kind of apologetically asked him if he was cheating, then blamed her acceptance of it on her upbringings, being a girl from a small town in a big city or something, and then she said sorry.

she might have hot sauce in her bag butt uhhhhhhhhh… she ain’t bout it enough to use it. everyone in hollywood been known jayz was cheating on beyoncé at least since rihanna came out. we all know the aaliyah story which ended unforgiveably, and everybody knows he fucked kim. yeah, kanye still married her and looowkey beyoncé was supposed to bee confessing her love for kanye on drunk in love, jayz just wasn’t ready to let her go at the time because she is literally worth too much money.

the album would of been better if she had just cum out and accused him of being gay, because that would of been much more believable. any man who cheats on a woman that mfn fine has to bee gay, that’s the only logical excuse
butt uhhhhhhhh…. it ain’t like gayz aint been telling you exactly who he was since he first came out and took over the rap industry with reasonable doubt in ninety.six
continue on for more than twenty times jayz admitted to womanizing, cheating, and wanting a divorce from beyoncé, on record, before lemonade came out… hey jayz if she’s too much i’ll take her off your hands for you, just pass her mi way!!

you know these ho’s be makin me weak
yall knows how it goes bee’ and so i creep

i’ve been sinnin since you been playin wit barbie and ken’n
you can’t change a players game in the ninth inning
ain’t no nigga

got a condo with nuttin but condoms in it
the same place where the rhymes is invented
so all i do is rap and sex, imagine how i stroke
see how i was flowin on my last cassette???//

nigga what nigga who

i said i never seen a face like yours before
and i been around some cute whores before
that either me or my boys tore it up before
so i’m hoping you different
let you push the six

i know what girls like

money cash hoes.
money cash chicks what.
sex murder and mayhem romance for the street.
only wife of mines is a life of crime.
and since, life’s a bitch in mini-skirts and big chests.
how can i not flirt with death.
that life’s a nigga’s, long as life prevent us.
we gonna sin a lot and pray to Christ forgive us.

money cash hoes

you know i thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em
cause i don’t fuckin’ need em
take em out the hood, keep em lookin’ good
but i don’t fuckin’ feed em
first time they fuss i’m breezin’
talkin’ bout, “wat’s the reasons??/”
i’m a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch
better trust than believe em
in the cut where i keep em
’til i need a nut, ’til i need to beat the guts
then it’s, beep beep and i’m pickin’ em up
let em play with the dick in the truck
many chicks want to put jigga fist in cuffs
divorce him and split his bucks
just because you got good head, i’m a break bread
so you can be livin’ it up???//

big pimpin

shit, i gotta live with the fact i did you wrong forever…
song cry

i got this spanish chica, she don’t like me to roam
so she call me cabron plus marricon
said she likes to cook rice so she likes me home
i’m like, “un momento” – mami, slow up your tempo
i got this black chick, she don’t know how to act
always talkin out her neck, makin her fingers snap
she like, “listen jigga man, i don’t care if you rap
you better -R-E-S-P-E-C-T me
i got this french chick that love to french kiss
she thinks she’s bo derek, wear her hair in a twist
my, cherie amor, tu est belle
merci, you fine as fuck but you givin me hell
i got this indian squaw the day that i met her
asked her what tribe she with, red dot or feather
she said all you need to know is I’m not a ho
and to get with me you better be chief lots-a-dough
now that’s spanish chick, french chick, indian and black
that’s fried chicken, curry chicken, damn i’m gettin fat
arroz con pollo, french fries and crepe
an appetitite for destruction but i scrape the plate
i love
girls, girls, girls, girls
i got this young chick, she so immature
she like, “why you don’t buy me reeboks no more?”
like to show out in public, throw tantrums on the floor
gotta toss a couple dollars, just to shut up her holla
got a project chick, that plays her part
and if it goes down y’all that’s my heart
baby girl so thorough she been with me from the start
hid my drugs from the narcs, hid my guns by the parts
i got this model chick that don’t cook or clean
but she dress her ass off and her walk is mean
only thing wrong with ma she’s always on the scene
god damn she’s fine but she parties all the time
i get frequent flier mileage from my stewardess chick
she look right in that tight blue dress, she’s thick
she gives me extra pillows and seat back love
so i had to introduce her to the mile high club
now that’s young chick, stewardess, project and model
that means i fly rough early, plus i know taboe
that means i’m new school, pop pills and stay in beef
but i never have a problem with my first class seat
i love

girls, girls, girls

you just another shorty i put the naughty on.

now it’s too late, we got a little life together
and in my mind i really want you to be my wife forever
but in the physical it’s like imma be trife forever
a different girl every night forever;
told you to leave but you’re stubborn and you love him and,
no matter what, despite all the fuckin and the cheatin
you still won’t leave him, now you’re grievin

soon you’ll understand

when the remi’s in the system, ain’t no tellin’
will i fuck ’em will i diss ’em, that’s what they be yellin’
i’m a pimp by blood, not relation
y’all be chasin’, i replace them, huh???/
drunk off crist’, mami on e
can’t keep her little model hands off me
both in the club, high!! singing off key
“and i wish i never met her at all”

i just wanna love you

guess who’s back in my motherfuckin house
half black, half white chick, i call her minnie mouse
we always hook up when we out
we do what we like to do and then we out

fuck all nite

so i sprinkle her with gin and then we begin sinnin, uhh
blasphemy, oh my God, we be sinnin

fuck all nite

12 AM on the way to the club
1 AM dj made it erupt
2 AM now I’m gettin with her
3 AM now i’m splittin with her
4 AM at the waffle house
5 AM now we at my house
6 AM i be diggin her out
6:15 i be kickin her out
7 AM i’ma call my friends
12 AM we gonna do it again, we gon, we gon, we gonna do it again

do it again

and i ‘gon tell you again let’s get ghost in the phantom
you could bring your friend we could make this a tandem
you could come by yourself and you could stand him
best believe i sweat out weaves, give afropuffs like r.a.g.e.

change clothes

i’m so ambitious. i might hit two sistersso ambitious

hovs a blackberry bold,
shawty is a sidekick,
she used to have a man,
i used to have a side chick,
shawty got wind i had to blow the chick off,
got rid of him they both took the shit hard

venus vs. mars

and if the day comes i only see him on the weekend
i just pray we was in love on the night that we conceived him
promise to never leave him even if his mama tweakin’

new day

and i’m stuck in that old cycle
like wife leaves hubby
fuck joint custody
i need a joint right now
just the thought alone fucks with me

jayz blue

eyes behind shades, this necklace the reason
all of my dates been blind dates
but today, i got my thoroughest girl wit me
i’m mashin the gas, she’s grabbin the wheel, it’s trippy how hard
she rides with me

bonnie and clyde

have an affair, act like an adult for once
plus my hand is up ya skirt
got damn you flirt
what’s a little me on top gonna hurt??//
well, maybe a little
butt pain is pleasure
and pressure bust pipes
and you look like the, i like it rough type.

best of me remix

look, i’m not tryin to give you love and affection
i’m tryin to give you sixty seconds of perfection
i’m tryin to give you cabfare and directions
get your independent ass out of here – “QUESTION”???//

minute man

ain’t shit pretty

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