.the artist formerly known.


prince died last week, april twenty.first and it has been hard for me to think about much since. when mike died, i knew the day would come butt uhhhhh… i never thought i’d see the day prince would bee no more.

i never physically met him butt uhhhhhh.. to say he wasn’t influential in mi upbringing would be a crime.  it was because of prince that i decided to study psychology and i go by PhD. i was raised a jehovah’s witness like both him and michael jackson, and i believe in the greatest romance…

i learned about nobility, truth, and love from prince. and i also learned to bee careful bending corners because you never know where evil lurks.

oh, i know you can feel me
i know that you can dance
but what do you know about the greatest romance???//
not what you think, but what you believe.
what was the real reason that adam never left eve???//
and if the truth sounds like a memory..
then you know it was meant to be.

if i was your girlfriend
would you let me dress you
i mean, help you pick out your clothes
before we go out
not that you’re helpless
but sometimes, sometimes
those are the things that bein’ in love’s about
if I was your one and only friend
would you run to me if somebody hurt you
even if that somebody was me??/
sometimes i trip on how happy we could be please

d to the i to the a to the m o to the n to the d to the pearls of love

all seven and we’ll watch them fall
they stand in the way of love
and we will smoke them all
with an intellect and a savior-faire
no one in the whole universe
will ever compare
i AM yours now and you are mine
and together we’ll love through all
space and time,
so don’t cry, one day all seven will die.

-the artist formerly known as prince.
aint shit pretty.

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