.twenty times jayz admitted he cheats.


soooooooo, last week prince died and immediately following, prince’s interim successor to the throne, releases her much anticipated follow up to twenty.thirteen’s ‘beyoncé’ visual album, which was mostly mi idea btw.

to say i AM pissed is an understatement. i think i made it pretty fucking clear i didn’t want the cd to cum out unless she belonged to me and i was a part of the project.. i was not and now prince is dead. the big reveal on the album was, jayz is cheating on her!! she didn’t even accuse him of cheating, she just kind of apologetically asked him if he was cheating, then blamed her acceptance of it on her upbringings, being a girl from a small town in a big city or something, and then she said sorry.

she might have hot sauce in her bag butt uhhhhhhhhh… she ain’t bout it enough to use it. everyone in hollywood been known jayz was cheating on beyoncé at least since rihanna came out. we all know the aaliyah story which ended unforgiveably, and everybody knows he fucked kim. yeah, kanye still married her and looowkey beyoncé was supposed to bee confessing her love for kanye on drunk in love, jayz just wasn’t ready to let her go at the time because she is literally worth too much money.

the album would of been better if she had just cum out and accused him of being gay, because that would of been much more believable. any man who cheats on a woman that mfn fine has to bee gay, that’s the only logical excuse
butt uhhhhhhhh…. it ain’t like gayz aint been telling you exactly who he was since he first came out and took over the rap industry with reasonable doubt in ninety.six
continue on for more than twenty times jayz admitted to womanizing, cheating, and wanting a divorce from beyoncé, on record, before lemonade came out… hey jayz if she’s too much i’ll take her off your hands for you, just pass her mi way!!

you know these ho’s be makin me weak
yall knows how it goes bee’ and so i creep

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.the artist formerly known.


prince died last week, april twenty.first and it has been hard for me to think about much since. when mike died, i knew the day would come butt uhhhhh… i never thought i’d see the day prince would bee no more.

i never physically met him butt uhhhhhh.. to say he wasn’t influential in mi upbringing would be a crime.  it was because of prince that i decided to study psychology and i go by PhD. i was raised a jehovah’s witness like both him and michael jackson, and i believe in the greatest romance…

i learned about nobility, truth, and love from prince. and i also learned to bee careful bending corners because you never know where evil lurks.

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in this last year we seen a nwa movie.
steve kerr from the record breaking 96′ bulls beat his own record with 73 wins at golden state.
suge knight gone craze.
bill cosby, the father of liitle rudy and theo huxtable, brought forth as an accused rapist.
floyd mayweather, the triumphant successor to mike tyson’s throne, retire undefeated.
we’ve seen the origins of kim kardashian through the revival of the famed oj simpson trial.
a russian rise to power.
prince’s death.
a clinton is running for president.
and donald trump is still running rabid across media and new york city.

they say history repeats itself, and it looks like the 90’s are in full effect.
now, since the lemonade has been spilled, if we could only get an answer for who killed 90’s rap royalties tupac & aaliyah… we still lookin for bigs killers too.