we as americans have been at war since mi birth. we had the cold war, which was cooling off during mi unveiling, the gulf war, which no one knows what it was about, the war on drugs, which no one really believes in, and the war on terror, which we all agree is a crock of shit.

the unfairness of treatment to people in the middle east and muslims is so bitter that it has called for many with power to start suggesting a globalization of power. i, however, don’t know if i AM ready for globalization because, i still believe there is a need for war, i just don’t know if i believe in these bullshit wars we been fighting lately.

i only see need for about five wars and even those originate from one war: political wars [which we all disagree with], race wars [white people vs. black people, which we all lie about], religious war [which many believe goes against the idea of religion], gender wars [men vs. women, which could essentially kill us all], and wars against sex [meaning heterosexuals vs. homosexuals].

gender war seems like one of the easiest wars to win and perhaps explains why it is soooo scary to many women. we, as men, have the strength to efficiently kill all the women on earth but then who would wash our clothes and cook our dinners???/ just kidding, butt uhhhhh… seriously, who would have our children and preserve the human race??/ we need women and love them for their contributions.

another war that could bee just as easily had and won is the race war. just like you cannot hide if you’re male or female, it is pretty hard to hide if you’re black or white. the problem is many black and white people don’t have a problem with each other as long as they’re staying respectively in their corners. the problem arises when brown people are brought into the equation and, they think they can go and do whatever they want wherever they want, using both their black and white sides to their advantage over one another. this makes a war with white/black people vs. brown people sound like a much better war to be had.

if you ask me, a religious war and political war are the same thing and harder to execute because of it. a religious war would be hard to execute because on paper we all believe the same thing but when a gun is to your head, you all believe God is on the other side pressing the trigger. see, your answer changes making it harder to know if we got the right person. religious wars are had to ensure certain rules are being followed by everyone. political wars are had to ensure those rules are being followed as law.

a better war to be had than a religious war would be a war against sexuality. no, i do not think having sex should bee a crime butt uhhhhhh.. i do think homosexuality is a sin and effectively makes a war against sex mostly a religious war. i hate the word homosexual and, how we group men who have sex with men and women who have sex with women together. it is not a gender war and the two groups prescribe to different religions assuredly. i know on paper the lines can seem blurred. because this war was a big topic, men chose [until recently] to lie about their sexual preference when confronted in public. women have long since protected them, maybe out of fear or unknowing but it’s sickening.

perhaps, if someone were to bee honest about the power that is exchanged when two men get together and let their bodies of mass collide we as a society would bee more willingy to accept the truth butt uhhhhhh… even then there is a woman afraid if the boys spend all their time playing together she will never have anyone to love her.
ain’t shit pretty.


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