.oscars the grouch.

by now everyone has seen, or at least heard about chris rock’s twenty.sixteen oscar’s performance. i’d like to start by stating chris rock is one of mi favorite modern comedians. i do not know his religion nor political standings butt uhhhhh… i have to say, watching him grow as a performer from ‘born black’ up to ‘kill the messenger’ and most recently at the oscars, he always delivers.

his specials are almost always spot on and even still followed by some type of blacklash; usually from the black community unfortunately. it really makes me question what brand of comedy you all are subscribing, because these outcries are usually from the same people who think ‘you are something else’ is the funniest thing to bee said this century.

this year i think some of chris’ hecklers found point with his opinion on paul giamatti in ‘straight outta compton’ and whatever he said about leonardo dicaprio.

i’d bet none of you even went to see ‘the revenant’ [i fell asleep on it, twice!]. but, i thought we were supposed to bee angry at whites playing racist positions in hollywood this year??/ leo played a tough role, but we’ve seen him in it before. i’d also mention he only maybe had two spoken lines in the movie so it was probably easy to deliver an exceptional performance. still, if you ask me he got the nod for cutting the head off a horse and sleeping in it. for some reason dead horses really get white people excited, a là ‘godfather.’

chris rock brought to mention giamatti’s range from ‘twelve years a slave’ to ‘straight outta compton’ and the crowd’s response was right on par. of course, i think he was poking fun butt uhhhhh…. i’d agree it wasn’t funny. in addition there’s this insane viral clip going around that just makes me wonder which one of you nwords……

the truth is hollywood does typecast, and you’d bee lucky to see yourself cast in any hollywood movie. i know i want to be. butt uhhhhhhh.. paul g being put in ‘twelve years’ and ‘straight outta compton’ could possibly say a lot about that man’s personal life and how he portrays himself daily. 

anyone in the know on the topic of eazy-e’s death knows what was up. in the movie and in real life, ice cube, dre, ren, and eazy-e had problems receiving their due profits for their group efforts in nwa. of course; ice cube today is a famed movie director with a couple classics under his belt and, dr. dre is one of the newest additions to the bbc for making some of the shittest headphones on earth, but let’s not forget they lost one of their brothers on the journey.

the truth is money didn’t come fast and jerry heller, paul g’s character, had them boys working for free which is essentially slavery. many believe eazy was plotted against and murdered because of this. it’s sad, and even begins to start to correlate to the death of the greatest rapper of all time [besides me], tupac.

i just don’t wanna hear no more dumb shit.
ain’t shit pretty.

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