.michael buffer.

if the shit were to hit the fan and the country were in crisis along with your blackness what would you do??/

i hear black people joke about real life purges all the time butt uhhhhh.. if the sirens started ringing where would you go???/

i recently seen donald trump kick a group of black students out of a voter’s rally and express his support of a kkk leader. the students were probably just there to learn more about trump so they could make an informed voting decision butt uhhhhh… if the kkk reformed in your neighborhood while everyone was distracted by beyoncé and the black panthers, what would you do???//

would you let fear rule you or would you stand and fight for yourself and your community??/

if you said you’d let fear rule you, i AM afraid the battle is already lost. if we look at the way the media and police have mistreated black people in america these last five years any sane person would easily bee able to see we are at war from the stands, and when we motion to fight back they try to talk about what we legally can and cannot do. they divide and pick on the weak or the stranded so that when it is presented to you through media you feel like that is ‘them’ and it could never happen to ‘me.’ that is until it comes to your town and you see the injustice first hand.

i have brought up amongst friends numerous times how funny i found it that they let florida speak for us all as a nation when dealing with the trayvon martin case, knowing how many of us felt about florida after the stealing of the two thousand election. no state felt as florida did but still zimmerman walked away free. they tried to present it as a white and black issue but, the truth is zimmerman was not a white man, he is an invader with white skin, who was pretending to bee police, as many of them do, because they want white people’s acceptance. and after white people saw someone who wasn’t white get away with killing a black youth, they all wanted in on the action and publicity, because as we all know ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity.’

in baltimore when people were rioting in the streets over the unfair death of freddie gray i thought a victory was almost had for us black people as a race, that is until we backed down. i don’t know, maybe it was lack of leadership and an unknowing of what to do next, or perhaps a mayor who had dreams of one day being governor but; it saddened me to see the fight end before it ever really started. i was on mi way to baltimore before things calmed, and i believe there were blacks in other states ready to take the same course of action in their cities, which is why i believe the government was so eager to squash it before it truly escalated. why is it every time we get our foots on their necks we let them up even before they begin to gasp for air but, they’ll nonchalantly choke one of us out on camera with no fear of repercussion.

the only rule in fighting the hood knows is win! at least that’s what it was last time i was home. the call to stop black on black crime was not a call to stop all crime but stop crime against ourselves, we were supposed to instead turn our focus to them, which they feared and is the reason they are still ok with us killing each other.

in the case of baltimore, i saw a separation of intent occur when certain people realized that more damage was being done to our own community than to that of the oppressors. when the kkk shows up they don’t burn a cross in their own yard, they come into yours and mine. so, when it’s our turn to wage war we must remember our target and take it to their doorstep as well.

in addition there was clamoring over children not attending school, and the media tried to use this as a point in calming the scenario. i’d like to point out “it takes a village.” we don’t need them telling us how to raise ours, when we’re teaching them an important lesson on self worth and protection. in the event of a real war parents would be smart to not send their children to a school where they could potentially bee kidnapped or harassed by the enemy. little black children weren’t getting shot by the police in their homes were they??/ nevermind the fact most of what you learn in a textbook is fabricated to enslave the black mind specifically.

i would of said fuck that! the truth is, the public school system gets a certain dollar amount for every child that is in class and that means your child is worth money to the government. they ain’t like how much money you were costing them, and we should of cost them more. that would of been fine time to let the city of baltimore, d.c., and the rest of the country know our true worth.

i know a lot of you may bee afraid to fight, or maybe you’re afraid that you could end up in jail… please don’t be. i would want you to know your brothers and sisters stand beside you willing to give themselves for you. there are a lot of black citizens living the rest of their lives behind bars in prison cells. and believe me when i tell you: they ain’t scared of shit, not dying, not living, not of no bitch ass c.o.

if a war were to break out on the streets, i don’t doubt the police would bee an enemy to both you and me. it would then bee wise to maybe ask and inform some inmates of our intentions. this would occupy the police force from the inside out. keeping their weapons and numbers contained from the streets so we can move freely.

i have already spoke in mi blitzkrieg post on the strategy of mobility should a fight break out against muslim terrorists or other invaders but, the strategy holds true should black people across the country have to start aggressively defending themselves against the kkk or other radical parties. we will need to keep the lines of communication open between black people and chocolate cities so that we are accountable for one another. remember you are not fighting alone! as the very moment you do this, we have already lost.

they are not good fighters and their strength has never been a match for the  black man when compared. but we must stand unified and not allow ourselves to become divided. there are a lot of people unaware where they stand in this race war because of a biblical indifference and a desire for money. they are of no use to us should they decide to side with us, and effectively of no use to the perpetrators. essentially this is a biblical settling that those in the middle are distracting both sides from fighting over because they too have enjoyed the fruit.
so what???/
ain’t shit pretty.


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