.damn daniel.

did you know the first invaders to return to the land of africa were savages wearing sandals??/ they called themselves gladiators or some shit like that. the people of africa were perfectly fine walking around their pastured fields barefoot until the white fleshed devils came trying to spread their religion and disease. they took over the land by selling shoes to their captives and they destroyed their bone density. later, in prayer, the africans asked God for a better style of foot protection as they knew they were going to be on a long journey across the soil in search of revenge. this is probably the reason kanye west feels like he is the world’s greatest designer usually focusing his efforts on shoes. it was the sneaker that gave the blackened africans an advantage over the sandal wearing invaders from the caucus mountains.  notice nike is the goddess of victory and also notice the style and tone of people most notoriously lining up to purchase the one dollar sandals from old navy. you’re economically agreeing to be savage, economics being a partial reason white people were kicked out of africa in the first place. yes, i would easily rather pay one hundred dollars for a pair of nike’s than throw away one dollar in an affront to God. and i have a really hard time finding any woman who wears flip flops or sandals an attractive mate. i just can’t do it.



ain’t shit pretty


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