.we dont die we multiply.

we could take over the country if we wanted to. i mean i AM not thirty.five yet nor will i bee by next election butt uhhhh… allanté sounds better than kanye for president, if you ask me. kanye is on some #mememe shit; look at ‘me’ design these shoes, look at ‘me’ design these over priced clothes, look at ‘me’ reference some of mi black cohorts as modern slaves, look at ‘me’ throw tantrums at nike and louis vuitton in the middle of ‘my’ shows because they ain’t give ‘me’ money to pay for ‘my’ isis wife, look at ‘me’ fuck a model and get ass bleach on ‘my’ over priced t-shirt. wtf??/

i’d like to point out that the last president to go on record fucking a model got his melon split. there are probably numerous comparisons to marilyn monroe we could find with kim kardashian, they all are sickening. marilyn was no role model and neither is kim. i, as a leader on the other hand would bee on some post apacolyptic shit. we need it as race and as a class. the rest of the world is laughing at us and, the ones who aren’t laughing are trying to steal and profit off us [as black people specifically].

the show black-ish recently brought up a good point on the presidential inauguration of barack obama from behind a glass podium and the walk he took outside his limo following. i remember watching with mi brothers in alpha, they were nervous for his life like the rest of the black world. i, on the other hand, was set on watching the black man do his thing. unfortunately, i think he let us down. he didn’t deliver the change he promised and i know, at least for many in the martin, gray, brown, grant, garner, bell, rice, and terry family, hope is destroyed and gone. barack obama is not a black man, he is african american and his politics support this claim.  he is of kenyan descent and hawaiian origin. while hawaii is an american state it is not continental. any one who has been on the amazon website knows what this means towards shipping and, any one who knows about the history of hawaii as a state knows the hawaiian people’s hesistancies to trust american politics even though we benefit in trading with them with them as a united state.

i do not consider myself an african-american i was born and bred on american soil for generation after generation. the term african-american comes with the idea that they still have the receipt and can send me back across the water now that the job is done and indian people are here. my african ancestry was stolen from me, and i AM here to stay!

rumor has it hawaiian people would really only prefer to deal with black people in matters like this and their reasoning has a biblical backing. of course today, a ticket to hawaii is way out of budget for a lot of black people who have been incarcerated, disenfranchised, and black balled out of the job market. this leaves a lot of the world off limits to many black brothers who have unjustly been labeled as felons.

butt uhhhh… back to mi story, we could take over the country if we wanted to. of course white people don’t want you to know this buttt uhhhhhh…. it would bee easy.

i know a lot of you don’t remember slavery and many more would wish to never remember again, but i want you for a moment to think back to how full the slave owners hands were with keeping us separated from our families and keeping us brainwashed from power. if for some reason you are suffering from an identity crisis as a black american, this is why.

i want you to again click and watch the black-ish clip linked above and take note of the difference of opinion the men and women have on dealing with the police and harassment. i’d also point out tracee ellis ross plays a character named ‘rainbow’ alluding to her variant racial background, while dre is more assertively playing a black male with the guy who warns the black community to “wake up!!!” at the end of a spike lee joint and in boyz n the hood. that difference in opinion is not by coincidence but a result of a systematic brainwashing. this was a very planned divide and conquer technique used on black men and women that can bee reversed onto white people if we sought to. unfortunately [and thankfully] many of our sisters have not let us fight in this race war, but i think the time is upon us.

the truth of the matter is, white people as we know them, are crooks on the run from the queen and king’s governing law and tax. when white people needed help establishing a land of their own they requested the help of black africans for a debt that they have yet to pay. if you loan smokey two hunnid dollars and he don’t got yo money by friday what’s gonna happen???/ i AM gonna tell you, we owe white people an ass whooping technically.

white people are not good fighters and, the amount of time it has taken them to wrap up the war in the middle east is proof. russia got involved for six months and the problem is already effectively calming as further proof of this. matter fact, the only time a white person ever beat a person of color was in rocky, and stallone don’t even consider himself white so i don’t know…
there has never been a war white people won by themselves, even though the rest of the world looks at them as the number one superpower. the war with isis will be counted as a loss when looked back on as a continuation of the iraqi gulf war which we have to assume was a loss because of this. the vietnam war was a loss; white people notoriously crying they had no help from the very black people they mistreat, ignore, and abuse daily. civil war was a technical loss for both sides, victory belonging to the side with the most blacks fighting on it. the revolutionary war is counted as a win butt uhhhhhhh… there are parties from the british side that contest they weren’t trying to lay the smacketh fully down and could have continued sending troops if they wished, i believe them. white people opted not to fight in both world war one && two out of fear of getting their asses kicked and, tarnishing the record britain gave them in the revolutionary war. instead they chose to stay out and sell weapons which, while was a financial victory is looked at by many on the outside world as a loss of honor. even before all of that when white people came to this land and attempted to steal it from the native americans, they were getting their ass kicked. it wasn’t until black people stepped in and leant our assistance in the fight that victory was had, they owe us. i don’t know if you noticed but, every time white people get into a squabble they call upon the strength of the black man for the front lines, and since they cant get us to do their dirty work they call the mexican descenters.

i guarantee if white people tried to kill all black people they would not do it themselves but, have another minority [see mexican people] do it. i also would wager another super power from the larger continental mass would come over here immediately following and take ownership of the usa, or… we could just stop fucking around and take it ourselves.

the thing about white people and the reason they suck at war is, they’re on the bottom of the totem pole. through slavery they’ve brainwashed you into believing they have privilege butt uhhhh.. blanco is nothing. blanco is nothing meaning, blanco is dirt, blanco is easily molded and transferred. every time a white slave owner’s wife or daughter got wind and caught lust for the strong black man in field’s huge dick she got pregnant and she had a baby. that baby wasn’t a white baby, it was a little black baby. these little caramel colored babies are essentially what brought the end of slavery. it wasn’t until white people started seeking help from the very mexican native people they initially sought our help in overcomimg that they got a hold and managed their problems with their melanin deficiencies.

in the end they agreed to go their way, and we agreed to go ours. i have always been of the belief that we let up too soon and, we should of kept our foot on their neck. the problem is when we went our own way, not needing them anymore, they sent the mexicans [and jews] with us to live in our communities right next door to us. these mexican people are used as trojan horses, spies, or pinatas, as a better term. no one speaks on it but there is a certain bitterness that comes with this from both ends.

what mexican and other people of spanish descent do for white people is protect and preserve their white skin. knowing our history of criminal background and slavery in america, many immigrants are scared to deal or have relations with us as black people out of fear that they too will be incarcerated or enslaved. we as black people [not african-americans] are long over due for reparations but our white counterparts know that if we were to see a large increase in money we would have children and perhaps start to outnumber them. white people are a minority in the world at large and it is only in this small corner they have the veil pulled. i promise you the rest of the world is laughing at our dealings with them and want in on the action.

here enters the nba and every rapper under the sun. i don’t doubt lebron james has a big huge gigantruon dick, along with a bank account to match. i figure he has enough money and dick to have any white woman he wants. but i want you to think of one of the last kinds of racism to still be in play; a little black boy goes to date the pretty little white girl around the corner, her father is instantly pissed, and they are moving out to a suburb in the country [by other kkk members] in attempt to keep her pure. there probably aren’t many white men who’d have a problem with their daughters dating lebron today but, on the same tolkien if lebron were to start dating susan, there are many black women who would start to scream ‘sell out’ and turn their backs on him. like i said, unfortunately many of our sisters have not let us fight in this race war.

i feel, like expressed in the black-ish clip, many of our black women are scared of white men. she would rather have her family hidden beneath a rock’s protection than deal with the truth of the large world outside. it would seem that veil has worked well on her. we as men, are not so much like this. it’s not so much her own fault but a hurdle we must overcome. if we could go back to slavery we would see black men get beat and killed and, then we would see black women, without her man’s protection, get beat and raped day after day, and then we would see her children murdered and sold. it is a lot to deal with and, to this day, why we as black men hate to see our black women with white men. they have never known how to treat our queens. they have always beat, raped, stole, and misguided them. through time she has learned ‘her place’ [even if it is not by our side.]

still, if we wanted to take over the country, we could. all we have to do is stop looking down on and murdering brothers who venture outside of their community’s walls. every time a black man brings a white woman back to the hood whom is of worth, that is a victory for us. if she goes as far as to get pregnant, that life she carries into the world is one more black life that matters for us. you’ve seen it where they sometimes even get kicked out of their families and homes chasing the black dick. let them. we want to have our doors open. we want our fathers to bee present and participating in the upbringing of our youth too.

modern black women have threatened that if we can get a white woman then they should be able to get a white man. they should, but i want to remind you this is war and for that reason they sound dumb as fuck. white men are famed for raping black women and never loving them anyway. they only do it because their women do it to us, or because they ‘always wanted to ride a pony.’ i want you to look up who is majority arrested for domestic violence, and tell me if you’d bee comfortable with your daughter dating a white man during a time of war. trust me, the ‘good’ hair is not worth the damage it does to the community in the long run.

this overtaking is harder to do with some other ethnicities and, whites have sought their assistances in dealing with us through them. black and native americans happened to mixxx beautifully and though many natives have disappeared their blood lives through the black flesh. but notice, in the blasian communiy, sometimes the asian side dominates more strongly and they hold on tighter to their young. and, in the blaxxicans sometimes the children don’t know if they like tacos or chicken, eventually settling on chicken-tacos. still, blanco is nothing, blanco is easily molded. if we wanted we could fuck every white bitch under this great big american sun, get em pregnant and triple our numbers. but why would the world’s biggest, strongest, fastest, and intelligent man settle for some fat sloppy white bitch???/
ain’t shit pretty.


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