we as americans have been at war since mi birth. we had the cold war, which was cooling off during mi unveiling, the gulf war, which no one knows what it was about, the war on drugs, which no one really believes in, and the war on terror, which we all agree is a crock of shit.

the unfairness of treatment to people in the middle east and muslims is so bitter that it has called for many with power to start suggesting a globalization of power. i, however, don’t know if i AM ready for globalization because, i still believe there is a need for war, i just don’t know if i believe in these bullshit wars we been fighting lately.

i only see need for about five wars and even those originate from one war: political wars [which we all disagree with], race wars [white people vs. black people, which we all lie about], religious war [which many believe goes against the idea of religion], gender wars [men vs. women, which could essentially kill us all], and wars against sex [meaning heterosexuals vs. homosexuals].

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.the danish girl.

i didn’t get to see deadpool in the theaters this year. i did however, see just about everything else that came out last month. needless to say; spectre was mi favorite movie in theaters for the next five years &&& the db[ten] is effectively the sexiest car on earth, sike nahhh, the one-77 affectionately has mi heart butt uhhhhhhh… the new bugatti chiron has enough to make me flirt, if only i had a rich girlfriend to buy me all the things i dream…

one of the more interesting movies i’ve recently seen was tom hooper’s, ‘the danish girl.‘ of course, i was the only male in the theater and, when it ended i “boooo’d,” encouraging multiple women to stand and clap in ovation. i felt a little dumb butt uhhhhhh… you have got to wonder what some people are truly thinking in this post caitlyn jenner world.

i don’t know what made me walk into the theater to see that movie. i had never seen any trailers, nor had i heard anyone talking about it. the title just caught mi attention and seemed like the kind of movie i would like and, it was aesthetically. hooper did a good job making his film visually pleasing and flowing. i just don’t know if, upon leaving the theater, i, as a man, got from it the same thing a woman got out of it.

like i said, i slumped back in mi seat and “boooo’d” while many women followed me in opposition by standing and clapping.  i wish they would of taken the time to try and understand where i was coming from as a man butt uhhhhh.. i guess everyone was just too caught up in their feelz.

the craze thing is the danish girl was not really a girl but, a man. einar was a danish artist who in an attempt to help one of his students perfect their craft married her and volunteered himself as her personal muse. one day she asked him to wear a dress because she wanted to paint and her model was unavailable, he showed hesitancy but as we all know, love will make you do craze things.

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.oscars the grouch.

by now everyone has seen, or at least heard about chris rock’s twenty.sixteen oscar’s performance. i’d like to start by stating chris rock is one of mi favorite modern comedians. i do not know his religion nor political standings butt uhhhhh… i have to say, watching him grow as a performer from ‘born black’ up to ‘kill the messenger’ and most recently at the oscars, he always delivers.

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.michael buffer.

if the shit were to hit the fan and the country were in crisis along with your blackness what would you do??/

i hear black people joke about real life purges all the time butt uhhhhh.. if the sirens started ringing where would you go???/

i recently seen donald trump kick a group of black students out of a voter’s rally and express his support of a kkk leader. the students were probably just there to learn more about trump so they could make an informed voting decision butt uhhhhh… if the kkk reformed in your neighborhood while everyone was distracted by beyoncé and the black panthers, what would you do???//

would you let fear rule you or would you stand and fight for yourself and your community??/

if you said you’d let fear rule you, i AM afraid the battle is already lost. if we look at the way the media and police have mistreated black people in america these last five years any sane person would easily bee able to see we are at war from the stands, and when we motion to fight back they try to talk about what we legally can and cannot do. they divide and pick on the weak or the stranded so that when it is presented to you through media you feel like that is ‘them’ and it could never happen to ‘me.’ that is until it comes to your town and you see the injustice first hand.
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.damn daniel.

did you know the first invaders to return to the land of africa were savages wearing sandals??/ they called themselves gladiators or some shit like that. the people of africa were perfectly fine walking around their pastured fields barefoot until the white fleshed devils came trying to spread their religion and disease. they took over the land by selling shoes to their captives and they destroyed their bone density. later, in prayer, the africans asked God for a better style of foot protection as they knew they were going to be on a long journey across the soil in search of revenge. this is probably the reason kanye west feels like he is the world’s greatest designer usually focusing his efforts on shoes. it was the sneaker that gave the blackened africans an advantage over the sandal wearing invaders from the caucus mountains.  notice nike is the goddess of victory and also notice the style and tone of people most notoriously lining up to purchase the one dollar sandals from old navy. you’re economically agreeing to be savage, economics being a partial reason white people were kicked out of africa in the first place. yes, i would easily rather pay one hundred dollars for a pair of nike’s than throw away one dollar in an affront to God. and i have a really hard time finding any woman who wears flip flops or sandals an attractive mate. i just can’t do it.
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.we dont die we multiply.

we could take over the country if we wanted to. i mean i AM not thirty.five yet nor will i bee by next election butt uhhhh… allanté sounds better than kanye for president, if you ask me. kanye is on some #mememe shit; look at ‘me’ design these shoes, look at ‘me’ design these over priced clothes, look at ‘me’ reference some of mi black cohorts as modern slaves, look at ‘me’ throw tantrums at nike and louis vuitton in the middle of ‘my’ shows because they ain’t give ‘me’ money to pay for ‘my’ isis wife, look at ‘me’ fuck a model and get ass bleach on ‘my’ over priced t-shirt. wtf??/

i’d like to point out that the last president to go on record fucking a model got his melon split. there are probably numerous comparisons to marilyn monroe we could find with kim kardashian, they all are sickening. marilyn was no role model and neither is kim. i, as a leader on the other hand would bee on some post apacolyptic shit. we need it as race and as a class. the rest of the world is laughing at us and, the ones who aren’t laughing are trying to steal and profit off us [as black people specifically].

the show black-ish recently brought up a good point on the presidential inauguration of barack obama from behind a glass podium and the walk he took outside his limo following. i remember watching with mi brothers in alpha, they were nervous for his life like the rest of the black world. i, on the other hand, was set on watching the black man do his thing. unfortunately, i think he let us down. he didn’t deliver the change he promised and i know, at least for many in the martin, gray, brown, grant, garner, bell, rice, and terry family, hope is destroyed and gone. barack obama is not a black man, he is african american and his politics support this claim.  he is of kenyan descent and hawaiian origin. while hawaii is an american state it is not continental. any one who has been on the amazon website knows what this means towards shipping and, any one who knows about the history of hawaii as a state knows the hawaiian people’s hesistancies to trust american politics even though we benefit in trading with them with them as a united state.

i do not consider myself an african-american i was born and bred on american soil for generation after generation. the term african-american comes with the idea that they still have the receipt and can send me back across the water now that the job is done and indian people are here. my african ancestry was stolen from me, and i AM here to stay!

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