i AM mad about a lot of things, me telling future to tell beyoncé to create the beyoncé visual album and getting no credit nor reciprocation ranking pretty high on that list.

when i had the ‘beyoncé’ idea in mississippi i definitely passed along the message that i felt it was time for beyoncé to elevate herself as an artist, as she wasn’t already beyoncé. i admit, i was in the club and i wanted to hear mi beyy ringing on some crunk shit but, more than that i wanted grown and sexy, i wanted consciousness, i wanted love.

i saw a nation of black youth being executed in the streets of america innocently. i saw injustices being done to black people for no reason. i saw communities being torn apart, and little girls being kidnapped and stolen from their families. i lost a cousin, shereilda terry, to this ghetto boogeyman and i was glad to have a tools like future and beyoncé to voice mi opinion on it as hesistant as she may have initially been.

the truth is i gave an idea for three cds, the video disc being a moment of genius that she was unwanting to take. i wanted in that moment to hear her in the club but, i felt commentary on the trayvon martin’s, amanda berry’s, and shereilda terry’s, was more important to our culture. this was a topic only beyoncé could tackle. the cd came out as a surprise around an important date to me in december twenty.thirteen, videos equipped.

while we didn’t necessarily get a song for trayvon we did get ‘xo’ and ‘heaven’ and; there was definitely something there for the club in ‘drunk in love’ and ‘yonce.’ i was happy with the product, especially knowing her original discomfort with mi request. i really wanted those videos to play behind mi beyoncé gumball shrine. mi only remaining wish from her was not to complete her following album without checking in with me again.

this was in twenty.thirteen and, it is now twenty.sixteen. i still haven’t officially met beyoncé nor have i seen nor heard from future since his sequential success but, i guess it’s time for the queen to return her throne.

the music industry has been ablaze as of late; drake and meek beef, nicki tour, kanye new cd, rihanna released a banger, and adele came across the pond hitting her high notes again. like i said, i guess it’s time for the queen to return to her throne.

i was in jail during beyoncé’s super bowl performance but as soon as i got out i heard about it and, it’s backlash. preposterousness. filly tolly. regulus hatruonce. 

i see why she had that initial fear of stepping out and commenting on some of those topics i brought up but, after watching the video for myself i AM soooo proud of her. the new orleans back drop ending with beyoncé drowning in the water, the ‘stop shooting us’ on the wall, the ‘hot sauce in her bag’ spoke so loudly of her dedication to you as her fan. and then some dick head had to come and ruin it by saying she is trying to reignite the black panther party and tell people to kill cops. you’d have to know beyonce’s alabamian, new orleans, brazilian roots to know her black panther allegiance but she doesn’t have to tell anyone to kill a cop. if they don’t stop killing us because i will say it for her while, kanye running around telling people not to buy louis because amber didn’t touch his bootyhole [wtf??/].

beyoncé starts touring april twenty.seventh meaning i AM probably not going to get to meet her any time soon as she’ll bee working. i find it ironic however, miami and the miami fraternal order of police has urged a boycott on beyoncé and her tour.

there is a piece of media that would want you to believe this is a black and white issue, while in actuality it is not. i have been to miami and everyone knows there are no white people miami! those are hispanic invaders from spain hiding behind their white skin. we could also get into her brazilian heritage if she wants to speak on it since people are bringing up black panthers and, once again spanish people are invaders to brazilians and south americans.

sometimes we here in north america show off our extreme ignorance by calling everyone who speaks spanish mexican. our mexican brothers have grown used to our absent mindedness and forgive us usually, but what it does is leave the door open for other spanish countries and invaders. i’d also like to point out that brazilian people, whom we enjoy trading goods with, do not actually speak spanish but portuguese. argentina does speak spanish but, claim to have gotten the language from invaders like we now are encountering in north america, and they supposedly hate them and the mexicans who showed support to the invaders.

i have also been arrested in miami for being nothing more than a conscious black man. florida is a state guilty of killing trayvon martin and when the cops walked up on me they threw me to the ground and referred to me as a ‘wannabe malcolm x.’ i called the arresting hispanic cops zimmermans in return and they threw cuffs on me and started barraging me with gay slurs. i AM not a thug and i do not sell drugs. i had no weapons nor any drugs on me at that time. i AM lucky to have mi life in twenty.sixteen. malcolm x was murdered for his black panther afillations by an unfair american system and it is clear the whole state of florida has an agenda for dealing with black people that many of it’s citizens seem fine with.

florida stole an election and started this fake war with isis that you all congratulate obama for dealing with and then you wonder why i say #trump2016 so casually. jeb bush is married to a latin woman, showing who he sides with amongst minorities… he was too afraid to marry a black woman.
joining florida and miami’s side, the  nashville fraternal order of police asked it’s members to not voluntarily work the concert there also. i AM not surprised. tennessee is a notoriously racist state dating back to the slave trade and it would seem ain’t shit changed. at this rate i wouldn’t bee surprised if south carolina and the other original thirteen colonies joined in with this unfair treatment of one of our biggest earthly stars.

the truth is we are at war. and beyoncé’s latest message seems to bee just as rosie the riveters was during world war ii; cum together and get the job done for the fellas who are fighting and need us. if the media is complaining about beyoncé’s call to ‘formation’ it is only because they would rather black women bee helping white men instead of black men.

if you remember, i stated in one of mi earlier post pertaining to the isis war, “the winner of war is the one who has done the most raping, pillaging, and killing. we are at war, regardless of how they describe it. we have killed, we have pillaged, and we must now take their women if we are to make good on our promises.” they thought they had claimed beyoncé as one of their own and now they’re madd she is still ‘bootylicious’ and only tryna bee in the party if it’s ‘jumpin jumpin.’  we can sit up and laugh about hot sauce being in her bag all we want butt uhhhhh… the more they keep incarcerating us, killing us, and separating and turning our women against us the easier it will be to see
ain’t shit pretty.

except for beyoncé, that bitch probably will bee baddd forever.

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