.gay culture.

he approaches you slowly and compliments your tie, ‘would you like a drink?’ in this twenty.first century people with such wit and generosity are a rare find. you take him up on his offer, surely having spotted a unicorn. they’re always nice in the beginning.

‘soooo, where ya from??/’ to the untrained ear this sounds like, “tell me more about ya.” but, the rightfully weary know he’s just checking to make sure you’re alone. ‘you’re cute!’

are you disgusted yet???/ be careful, you don’t want your anger to be mistaken for prejudice, you after all do consider yourself a healthy and handsome man right??// see that’s how this game is played, with a teetering line of objectivity only being crossed one way with bias.

anything you say can and will be used against you. i know because it has happened to me. gay people in this country think they have the right to say or do whatever they want and if you reach out to do something harmful to one of these ‘tiny little gay people’ you are instantly labeled a bully and in violation of a national hate crime that is ranked right on par with hanging a nigger during the civil rights movement. this is serious stuff.

ever notice how right before someone says something about a gay person they feel need to bring light to the fact that they don’t actually have anything against gay people??// remember in elementary school all the cops used to be gay before they grew up and got a job with benefits, to secure a wife and child???// ever notice how as soon as someone important dies the first thing the gays do is claim them as their own. into the coffin and out of the closet, is the correct term i believe. i’d like to remind you assuming every homosexual person you encounter is a scrawny little white kid who has problems dribbling a basketball involves a certain heir of prejudice. 

i don’t really care, i hate gay people. fuck you if you’re judging me. if you’re a man and you’re in love with a man, that’s your business and i’d appreciate being left out of your relationship. if you’re a woman in love with a woman i AM probably in love with you too, please invite me into your relationship. if you’re a dyke who fucks girls with strap-ons and you have a brother, stay the fuck away from me with that gay shit.

there is probably someone reading this right now thinking, ‘how could he say such ignorant things,’ i AM not ignorant. you are ignorant if you do not realize the difference in lifestyle, culture, and religion many people who partake in activities like this carry-on.

people try to pretend and say the bible doesn’t say homosexuality is a sin, but God does, and the bible clearly states that men are not supposed sleep with men. however, it does not have any mention on women with women but, instead has a few stories pairing women with women and celebrating it; lilth & eve being one example of redemption in the garden of eden.

in cleveland where i was born, there is a population of people whom believe in some form of dark magic voodoo remnant from the days of slavery and it is sickening. it heavily revolves around a rape culture and is one of the many reasons i AM happy to say i grew up in flint michigan. i believe famous people like prince have commented on the rape culture in cleveland and it would explain why many artist do not travel there and why i have no desire to return any time soon. i have been attacked by family members, friends, and even my own father. that city and state is no home to me. when it comes time to speak up there is no one to turn because, this is the norm.

i have jokingly asked many of my out of the closet “friends,” ‘who touched them daddy or uncle’ only to receive heated backlash. from that i could only assume they are not as happy as media would have you believe all gay people are with their lifestyle choices, and maybe hurt that perhaps no woman will ever love them.

sadly, we live in an animalistic society where people believe big fish eat little fish and little niggas are lunch. many non pussy getting mothafuckas find it hard to comprehend God’s recommended use of eve to adam, and instead find it easier to just attempt to fuck anything smaller than them male or female. there are even some women who feel this way, believing a man cannot possibly bee a real man unless he has raped another smaller man. you don’t want to be a pussyboi! this is an unsaid trauma that is often swept under the rug and has plagued the ‘hood’ for generations along with inspiring countless gang wars. i was in a fraternity with some of these registered gang members and dated one of these women and i pray every night one of you goes over to their house in the night and horrendously murders them, knowing their place in hell awaits. anyone who associates with the accused is going to burn and, it’s a promise.

i remember the first argument my ex and i got into… it was over whether people are born gay or if they choose to be. it was a heated argument that ended our relationship from the start. from that moment on she no longer knew how to address me. not wanting her to judge me i didn’t tell her about my childhood incidence but, i was very much of the belief that we choose whether we want to be hetero or homo and, there are things that happen early in our lives that help in our decision. i was then too deaf to hear her trying to tell me she was gay and too blind to see there was an entire world surrounding me full of born gay people and that it was in actuality me, who was born straight and in the minority.

i find myself performing in front of strangers more frequently lately and because my lyrics often contain racy sex scenes involving multiple women i sometimes feel embarrassed to spit. where if i just rapped about all the murder going on in mi city like everyone else i probably would have no shame in content. you know how craze that makes me feel??/ knowing we live in a society that condemns love.

it is sometimes too hard for me to be one of the only truly straight people in a world full of gay people who are lying about their identity. everyone only wants to use me for something. i guess there are still some women who are unaware of this fact and in relationships with gay men and, to them i AM still the weirdo. because there are so many people who don’t want to admit what they are and would rather just fuck whatever they can pin down, diseases run rampant, and mates are hard to find. brothers fuck brothers and the girlfriend would never know, or worse, like in cleveland, encourage it. i don’t have a brother, i don’t want a brother, i have no need for a brother.

i had someone try to explain it to me as if i haven’t been alive for the last twenty.somn years. i AM aware and i AM aware God has established law & order. my religion requires me to date more than one woman at a time and this nation refuses to acknowledge my God. he is angry. i do not like how gay people all think they are gods free to do as they individually please. power is exchanged too freely and as a result there is a no power. none of you are powerful to me, except you who know how to use women, and even still the women here will sell themselves to whoever as long as the price is right. where is your love??/ where is your loyalty???//

ain’t shit pretty.

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