she walked up to me and said ‘can i cashew out??/’
i snickered butt uhhhhhh how many times have you dreamt of getting your fingers on a hundred grand??/
i’d trade you kisses for a payday any day, don’t play.
i’ve been known to klown dikes but she could tell i was almond.
hershey’s chocolate get that cream whipped.
it only take five to get that ting dipped.
c’mon twixxx and shout.
shake it up baby.
shake it up.
strawberry. chocolate. vanilla…
the things i would do to watch you to hit a split on mi banana.
break you off and watch you slurp down mi fanta.
cherry garcia mi watchamacallit.
pull and peel mi licorice…
i know you’ve never felt a bliss like this.
told her i like mi women like i like mi money: swiss. 
excuse me for rambling…. wat was you saying again??/
you said you wanted some chocolate..
iight hunnie, allow me to bee your mr. goodbar.

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