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i AM mad about a lot of things, me telling future to tell beyoncé to create the beyoncé visual album and getting no credit nor reciprocation ranking pretty high on that list.

when i had the ‘beyoncé’ idea in mississippi i definitely passed along the message that i felt it was time for beyoncé to elevate herself as an artist, as she wasn’t already beyoncé. i admit, i was in the club and i wanted to hear mi beyy ringing on some crunk shit but, more than that i wanted grown and sexy, i wanted consciousness, i wanted love.

i saw a nation of black youth being executed in the streets of america innocently. i saw injustices being done to black people for no reason. i saw communities being torn apart, and little girls being kidnapped and stolen from their families. i lost a cousin, shereilda terry, to this ghetto boogeyman and i was glad to have a tools like future and beyoncé to voice mi opinion on it as hesistant as she may have initially been.

the truth is i gave an idea for three cds, the video disc being a moment of genius that she was unwanting to take. i wanted in that moment to hear her in the club but, i felt commentary on the trayvon martin’s, amanda berry’s, and shereilda terry’s, was more important to our culture. this was a topic only beyoncé could tackle. the cd came out as a surprise around an important date to me in december twenty.thirteen, videos equipped.
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in the beginning God created the earth and then he created adam and eve to inhabit it or, maybe, he created satan and lilith and adam and eve came after. either way, he created a man and a woman and in both creations he hated their vanity for themselves so much he wanted to destroy them immediately. he wanted the woman to love the man he created her for and, in both cases the woman chose to go in search of something else.

lilith and eve felt similar on the situation according to the bible while, the devil was angered and, adam pertains to bee oblivious to many of the new sensations happening around him.

this could bee perhaps, as many people believe, because the bible was written by satan and lucifer. and explains why there are so many presumed contradictions in the scripture. the devil does not want you to properly serve the lord and earn more of his love than him, after he has told him his rules are too hard.

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.gay culture.

he approaches you slowly and compliments your tie, ‘would you like a drink?’ in this twenty.first century people with such wit and generosity are a rare find. you take him up on his offer, surely having spotted a unicorn. they’re always nice in the beginning.

‘soooo, where ya from??/’ to the untrained ear this sounds like, “tell me more about ya.” but, the rightfully weary know he’s just checking to make sure you’re alone. ‘you’re cute!’

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she walked up to me and said ‘can i cashew out??/’
i snickered butt uhhhhhh how many times have you dreamt of getting your fingers on a hundred grand??/
i’d trade you kisses for a payday any day, don’t play.
i’ve been known to klown dikes but she could tell i was almond.
hershey’s chocolate get that cream whipped.
it only take five to get that ting dipped.
c’mon twixxx and shout.
shake it up baby.
shake it up.
strawberry. chocolate. vanilla…
the things i would do to watch you to hit a split on mi banana.
break you off and watch you slurp down mi fanta.
cherry garcia mi watchamacallit.
pull and peel mi licorice…
i know you’ve never felt a bliss like this.
told her i like mi women like i like mi money: swiss. 
excuse me for rambling…. wat was you saying again??/
you said you wanted some chocolate..
iight hunnie, allow me to bee your mr. goodbar.

.vampire culture.

you won’t see him cumming up behind you. he sneaks and peeks into your window stealing the remnants of your dreams. all you will be left with is the nightmare from last night.

from beneath your bed the boogeyman waits his turn to pounce until you are all cleaned and tucked in tight for the night. did you undress for him???// i bet you didn’t know his favorite color is pink. how about your favorite scary movie??/  when the lights are out we are all alone. at least no one can hear you scream in the dark. the vacant mirror’s reflection is all the proof you’ll need; you brought this upon yourself, at least that’s what you’re told.

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