christopher columbus.

america is full of shit and, everybody knows it. the big bad wolf in the field waging a fabricated twenty+ year war on terror and an imaginary forty+ year war on drugs… wait that war might not be imaginary, it’s actually just a war on which drugs we are willing to accept: cocaine, from our southern neighbors or, heroine and alcohol from our asianiatic friends who helped us get started as a nation. this unease of dealing goes all the back to the golden days of the boston tea party, and though we may not agree on the price we do agree the shit’s a lot of fucking fun to do and steal. that’s why i don’t understand why if wwiii were to break out right now, where would america get off thinking that it’s cool to just sit back and watch the fireworks from across the pond. we started this gangsta shit after all.

in grade school i always got a’s butt uhhhhhh… fuck that shit.. white people bee lying and eye bee having ?uestions. one of mi biggest ?’s that no one can ever seem to answer is how in the flying sailing fuck did christopher columbus white ass end up all the way across the atlantic in america after he told the queen he was going to india to buy sugar and spices on some jesus shit. the queen had gold and she knew cc was a fuckboy off jump. he had just returned from india on an extended stay, spent all his allowance, and the rumor mill was saying he was giving up the bootyhole to an indian prince and making promises he couldn’t keep in exchange for power.

let us also take this moment to remind ourselves the earth is round. you can direct your attention celestially where you will notice the stars orbital rotation through the heavens and, once again if you were to travel to any of the lands coastal sands notice as you decline into sea level, you do not take any sharp steps but you gradually shift into a slope that eventually lands you on your back and circling off into an edge of nothingness.

the queen, knowing christopher  columbus’ religious stance was in jeopardy suspected foul play and commissioned someone to follow after him on his voyage. halfway through the voyage the following sailor [we'll call him argentino] was said to have sent letters back to the queen telling her that chrisopher had abandoned his route to india and set sail for the americas which argentino had already previously discovered on her command.

right here is proof that chrisopher columbus did not discover america. once columbus landed on american soil he quickly realized he was not the first man to travel this land as he was met by what he idiotically called an indian [native american].

there's a beautiful story floating around about pangaea, the garden of eden, and a great meteor that broke africa and south america into two, one version even involves dinosaurs. and there's even another that involves african explorers going to the earth's edge and jumping off of it... either way, people of african likeness had already settled american soil and argentino was said to have wrote about this, while  christopher did not.

christopher columbus clearly being fucking retarded, having gotten lost on his way back to his boyfriend's house, and not being in the ranks enough to know the proper name to call these new 'indian' people according to his queen and argentino's command was quickly distrusted and disliked. brown and darkened people began migrating from south america into the north to remove the white settlers.. a couple of cases of syphilis and small pox later war had officially landed on the last remaining piece of the garden of eden.

it is my understanding that 'thanksgiving' was reserved and held for the black explorers who traveled with christopher columbus and for those who had agreed to side with the natives over columbus' agenda. columbus believed in an indian god that the natives refused to believe and he was punished for it. so anyone who celebrates christopher columbus day and thanksgiving in the same year is a fucking liar who deserves their citizenship revoked.

matter fact the only the only reason we have a columbus day is because there is a mlk day, that's how some white people feel about you @staceydash.

christopher columbus was a spaniard in mi understanding, so it's easy to see why his allegiance to the queen may have been questioned with spain's geographic location between africa and europe. i suppose they hated being closest continentally to the africans. however, europe's placement and order is a direct design of the african king and spain's loyalty is continually questioned and distrusted in times of need by the european council. wwi and wwii are two of spain's most modern acts of defiance to order, with addition to their more recent dealings in greece's collapse and disregard for french and german assistance during this war on terror.

mi question has always been what does any of this have to do with india. and what does that have to do with black people becoming enslaved to america???/

supposedly during the 'thanksgiving' dinner the black people who accompanied christopher wanted to do something nice for their darkened native brothers in exchange for their kindness showed. we promised to go home to africa and return with more people in contribution to building the garden more beautiful. some of the white people [french] overheard the conversation in our spoken tongue and wanted in on the action.

when we returned to africa word of the promised land spread like wildfire and everyone was excited to go to the new land where black people also lived, still there were some villages who maintained their caution in the dealings and for good reason.

a lot african tribes had not yet learned to unionize and were poor because of it. they didn't have any boats big enough for the voyage and had to ask the queen for assistance in returning to america. you can look at a map and easily see if africa wanted to converse with a european which countries they would engage first and, the words of christopher columbus' poor treatment had supposedly spread through europe and he was blaming the africans.

[there's a story about noah's ark somewhere in the middle of here.]

the queen had heard of the african's plot and wanted to give her contribution but also knew her people would be angered by her decision. she sought consultation in the far east where her husband was last said to have been seen. the terms agreed were slavery??/ she empathetically asked the africans what they needed for their journey, and they desired everything including her best sailors, which once again you can look geographically who that may have been. the brothers far east, claiming to have been to the new land before themselves, also sent their well wishes and a few of their own along for the trip in pride of watching over the white men for the africans while they worked. she may have warned them, i don't know, but the cogs were already in motion. and the spaniards wanted revenge for their brother's lost meal had officially brought war the americas for a second time.

france was supposedly jealous that the africans chose the spaniards over them for the colonization of america and modern slavery was officially born.
shit's fucked up. i mean semmi pretty forreal.forreal.

so some of you may be now asking why does any of this matter??/ slavery was four hundred years ago, we're free now. me on the other hand, i knew mi grandmother, mii great grandmother, miii great great grandmother, and miiii great great great grandmother... that was people in mi family who lived through these perilous hours, not just the modern revitalization through civil rights movement some of you clamor too.

when i hear donald trump say hold off on letting indian and muslim immigrants/isis terrorists move into the country or, build a fence at the texas/mexican border, i AM not offended. i want a fence both at the northern and southern border!

whether you believe a meteor struck earth and broke south america away from africa or you believe a king commissioned explorers to spread their wings across the sea, you believe america was first inhabited by black people. when those of us left behind in africa learned of their lost sister we promised to return her, help her, love her, and protect her. we owe it to both this land and our mother land to uphold this promise, tooooooo many people have lost their life on this journey.

we didn't do it for money and we didn't need money in return, we did it for love.
when european people who were too afraid to fight on their soil ran away and hid in south america during the world war's, that violated our promise, that was an invasion, and the intruders have not stopped appearing since. the people of brazil, aregentina, and venezuela will tell you they do not speak spanish. invaders from colombia will come here with drugs and hide behind a skin tone, trying to disorient you into believing they are all the same. those are not our african siblings but thieves in disguise. india people have seen what our children look like when we mix and tried to replicate their complexion in hopes of stealing the king's gold and your glory.

notice, no european white person after columbus or india has a problem with more immigrants appearing but, it always comes at the expense of blacks being kicked out of their home, blacks losing their jobs, blacks being the spread of disease, blacks being incarcerated and enslaved. many of our native american siblings have disappeared and moved on to the other realm but i AM sure they would of wanted better for us.

if world war iii were to start right now, today, and somebody asked me who america's enemies were i would immediately point out india and spain. i highly suspect christopher columbus was looking for a new place for him and the indians he was seeking to practice their gay sex and satanic rituals. when he landed the natives saw what he did and turned him away. many even died from disease while believing in the foolishness he was confessing. the natives had different beliefs, practices, and rituals, that were reflective of the ones we knew back in africa.

there are white people who earned power in this country through murder and war who will argue that this land knows no religion. those are some of the same invaders looking to hide from their fate. just because they chose to ignore God does not mean he was absent. this was a peaceful land.

if you're asking why black life matters it's because the ground you are walking is black. this land will reward those who treat it with the dignity it deserves and it will demolish those who do not. 
aids is real and it has unfortunately kept a lot of us from being able to enjoy this land fully and engage in love making with our beautiful sisters. it was a systematic killing and it did not come from any black man sleeping with a monkey. aids came from a white man sleeping with a black man and raping a black man. every since they have been removed the garden they have been trying to steal the king's riches and your place next to God.
ain't shit pretty.

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