i have something i would like to admit.. i AM a racist.


i think everyone knows by now, but i just want it to be clear once and for all.

there are a lot of beautiful tones and pigments on this earth butt uhhhhhh… i only like about three or four.

looking at the above image i only like the two tonaled arms farthest left and the second darkest tone from the right. complexity springs forth as i AM a black man actually more closely shaded to the third arm from the right. i AM willing to admit the darkest arm, furthest right is beautiful, but in a lot of my meetings i received racism from my brothers so; fuck em too sometimes.

i have been told i have ancestry from northern africa, south america, and eastern europe, so this racism seems right on par with my upbringing.


science, as well as your history books suggest this type of racism is normal. the truth is your skin tone is often based on your geographic location along with a little genetic hybridization. mix that with a few globalizational wars and you the perfect bedding for some grade a racism.

there is a prime uv acceptance for the human skin and what often happens every millennia or so is those outcast must fight their way back into society in order to preserve their right in the books. this is why wars start and disease spreads.

we can argue where wars start, whether from east to west or west to east but; the truth is it’s most usually because ‘we want in’ or ‘keep them out.’ it’s my understanding the ‘keep them out’ side wins more often than not, and for reason.


it’s a pretty wide known fact, or perhaps desire is a better word, amongst people  in the know that one day everyone will look like the characters from the simpsons. if this world were mine [it is, btw] we would more enthusically be shaded like the beautiful continent of africa. the united states of america would be shaded more closely to the it’s south american neighbor and not it’s spanish and european invaders.

have you ever noticed how peacefully south america’s bosom fits into africa’s reach???/

this is the natural way of the world: the way the sun works in combination with the moving clouds and God’s vision. somewhere in the middle, man has stepped in and implemented his plan and it disgust me. man is trifling, foul, and destructive and we all know what happens when man begins to use his insight…

i understand that in higher altitudes and colder climates something happens that can disrupt natural melanin flow. it just makes me want to set the world ablaze when i see people choose to leave the garden, become contaminated, and then try to enter another people’s home and enjoy the warmth of God’s love without paying respect to the customs, religion, and traditions of the people who first inhabit it..
so yeah… i AM a racist. at least i didn’t give any native americans small pox.
ain’t shit pretty.

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