christopher columbus.

america is full of shit and, everybody knows it. the big bad wolf in the field waging a fabricated twenty+ year war on terror and an imaginary forty+ year war on drugs… wait that war might not be imaginary, it’s actually just a war on which drugs we are willing to accept: cocaine, from our southern neighbors or, heroine and alcohol from our asianiatic friends who helped us get started as a nation. this unease of dealing goes all the back to the golden days of the boston tea party, and though we may not agree on the price we do agree the shit’s a lot of fucking fun to do and steal. that’s why i don’t understand why if wwiii were to break out right now, where would america get off thinking that it’s cool to just sit back and watch the fireworks from across the pond. we started this gangsta shit after all.

in grade school i always got a’s butt uhhhhhh… fuck that shit.. white people bee lying and eye bee having ?uestions. one of mi biggest ?’s that no one can ever seem to answer is how in the flying sailing fuck did christopher columbus white ass end up all the way across the atlantic in america after he told the queen he was going to india to buy sugar and spices on some jesus shit. the queen had gold and she knew cc was a fuckboy off jump. he had just returned from india on an extended stay, spent all his allowance, and the rumor mill was saying he was giving up the bootyhole to an indian prince and making promises he couldn’t keep in exchange for power.

let us also take this moment to remind ourselves the earth is round. you can direct your attention celestially where you will notice the stars orbital rotation through the heavens and, once again if you were to travel to any of the lands coastal sands notice as you decline into sea level, you do not take any sharp steps but you gradually shift into a slope that eventually lands you on your back and circling off into an edge of nothingness.

the queen, knowing christopher  columbus’ religious stance was in jeopardy suspected foul play and commissioned someone to follow after him on his voyage. halfway through the voyage the following sailor [we'll call him argentino] was said to have sent letters back to the queen telling her that chrisopher had abandoned his route to india and set sail for the americas which argentino had already previously discovered on her command.

right here is proof that chrisopher columbus did not discover america. once columbus landed on american soil he quickly realized he was not the first man to travel this land as he was met by what he idiotically called an indian [native american].

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last time i was home we had the club going up on a tuesday, the shower was on in little darlings, and i undoubtedly ended mi night at starlight with a group of mi childhood girlfriends. shit was good.

before that i hadn’t been back to flint since mi dearest love passed in two thousand nine. upon mi most recent visit in fourteen’, i learned a lot had changed since mi adolescent departure. flint has been a hot bed of controversy; home foreclosures, gang violence accompanied with a nationally televised death toll, job displacement and shop closings, school closing after school closing, aids quarentines, and now most currently an epidemic and water crisis. these are problems not even a michael moore documentary could solve.

the truth of the matter is, the word flint literally means a flat surface for striking. we have known for years that the land in the area is leveled above sea in a way that makes the purification of the flint river harder to accomplish from its natural source in saginaw and lake huron which has a lower sea level. we have also known for quite some time that a better source to receive the city’s water from is detroit.  mayor stanley understood this, but it seems as soon as he left office those with an agenda began to show their hand. i believe mayor stanley voiced his opinion on this frequently and eventually decided to give up his office over the disagreement of greed.

money does not change the law of the land, God’s will, nor scientific facts.

i watched mi aunt drive from michigan multiple weekends in a month to fill up water jugs in cleveland only to return home and do it again numerous times before traveling to flint to see how serious the problem is first hand. people cant drink, bathe, nor cook in this contamination.  it is sickening.

i worry the citizens of flint, whom are good citizens [regardless what the crime rate says], with a storied history do not realize how serious this problem is. a few years ago when chicago was reigning as a murder capital that was in attempt to take focus away from flint michigan. that is nothing to be proud of, while you are screaming  black lives matter.  in the early nineties when flint was taken off the map in exchange for saginaw, that was to take national focus away from flint. you cannot undo henry ford’s work, the model t, and what was done along dort highway. it would be the undoing of your history as an american.

i warn you flintstones, someone is after the souls of your children and i think i know why… every time i return to flint a new school is shut down starting with whittier. i know two of the biggest high schools in the city have closed and asked their students to relocate with central and northern, and even swa has been asked to make adjustments in budgets with threats of shutdown.  i have even more recently heard mi childhood elementary, scott, is scheduled for a closing. this is because they do not care if your children are being educated! media says president obama was in detroit today, and his message basically backed that statement.

i know i have given hilary a hard time on this site, but i appreciate her comments on the ongoing crisis in flint right now, and recognize the efforts her and bill have made in mi childhood community in the past. even still, that does not change the fact that someone is after your heritage and will pay anything to get it, even your life.

people often make the mistake of claiming that jesus is returning. i want you to know and believe that the modern savior walks this earth now and he chose flint as his home. the land of flint is sacred land, as well as all of michigan. there are evil powers at work to keep you dissuaded along with the rest of the world, please do not be. have some pride in yourselves and demand better in these upcoming elections and your workings. if the people of flint vacate the land, i guarantee it will be repopulated with immigrants who will work for cheaper and not complain that the water is not sanitary nor that the schools are not up to par, this is what the government wants. i guarantee that if flint falls detroit will fall shortly after it. and if detroit falls our border is now open for invaders from our northern neighbor in canada. a lot of those people are isis, drake included if you ask me. i AM not sure if you are aware of why there are terrorists attacks in france, but there is a very strong belief those people enter france with the explicit intent of skipping across europe and floating into canada, where they hope to settle until they can successfully invade america from the higher ground. this is a textbook war strategy and detroit’s rowdy border is one of america’s last and best frontiers.  one we cannot afford to give up. the first black president seems to not care about this fact very much if at all.

mixing and tearing down color barriers in the name of desegregation seems all fine and dandy until you have been kicked out of your job, kicked out of your home, kicked out of your state, and told that you are less than human, and thrown in jail, by a politician you voted for… sometimes i AM not even sure if they know why they do it, but i do know
ain’t shit pretty.

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i have something i would like to admit.. i AM a racist.


i think everyone knows by now, but i just want it to be clear once and for all.

there are a lot of beautiful tones and pigments on this earth butt uhhhhhh… i only like about three or four.

looking at the above image i only like the two tonaled arms farthest left and the second darkest tone from the right. complexity springs forth as i AM a black man actually more closely shaded to the third arm from the right. i AM willing to admit the darkest arm, furthest right is beautiful, but in a lot of my meetings i received racism from my brothers so; fuck em too sometimes.
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