.a king’s pride.


in the jungle, like in chess, the king leads from behind. letting all his offspring lead him in victory to deliver the final blow.

with the presidency being such a hot topic in the media as of late many a-list celebrities are throwing their name in the hat for what they may feel is ancestrally theirs. kanye west and will smith being two of the hottest and latest to hop on…

jada pinkett has always been one of my favorite personalities professionally and i have especially admired her adoration of pac and the legacy he has left behind throughout the years. because of this i have often imagined how hard it would be to be in a relationship with a woman who has such undying love for one of our greatest deceased but mr. smith has always remained to be one the freshest along with one of the coolest to match.
recently, or maybe not at all [sometimes it is hard to get a factual quote in these times of internet], mrs. smith gave a quick glimpse into her personal life and what her presumed position would be as first lady.


because you know who i AM and how i AM with things like this i have to question immediately the leadership and direction of this group.

it is understood God gave the lion instinctual presence to know the proper way for a king to lead his family and we see this behavior replicated in many mammals and birds. while i do believe jada has every intent to keep the prince safe from three steps behind and to his left, her perception is jaded by an earthly view. the truth is love is from God and it has a proper order that he gives us to practice.

from behind will is too big and jada is too little to see over his shoulders what is coming on, this is a position that the man must hold in order to be able to lean down into the woman’s ear instructions. a king has both a right hand and a left hand, from behind jada has left his hands unoccupied and has become worried of being struck by his sword in a fit of madness. a true queen does well to be her king’s hand, and gives him feet to mobilize herself. while still possessing the knowledge that while she is in his lap he is calmest.

she also makes no mention of willow’s position in this instance [never mind the other kids right now for, a king with a son is presumably a foolish king]. i know will smith is a believer of scientology, i AM unaware of this church’s beliefs however. but, i hope that it believes in God the ALMIGHTY because he is your strength, and your followers will need him.

jada’s failure to acknowledge willow as a queen like herself could create trouble in the home and give life to an enemy from behind. in chess like in love, the king should send out all his pieces with the intent of them returning advanced. there is the belief anyone can be a queen even a rook, but a king has to be chosen. it is for this reason he is to be especially guarded. his ability to move one space at a time on the board is not a hindrance but a reminder of his power & surefootedness.

a woman’s unwillingness to walk before her man and accept his caress of her shoulder, or the heat of his breath on  the back of her neck, while having her waist being wrapped around is no woman at all. and i will venture to say that her man is no king neither but, more positively a scoundrel.

these are laws of governance God has put into practice but governments refuse to back, support, or acknowledge through script. when someone ask what is wrong with our people today we can start immediately with the family and start with it’s structure.

look how simply jada pinkett smith neglected to mention her kids status right here.
aint shit pretty.

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