i have been using mi twitter more than often lately and recently struck up a conversation with someone about what is a terrorist and, what is the difference between isis in syria and the nra here in the united states.

both are terrorists organizations, there is just a difference of opinion based on home field advantage.

the truth of the matter is, our forefathers believed we should have weapons in our home in case the queen sent an army after us[a] to infiltrate the new land. so, on television when you see people defending their right to bare arms it is in a direct protest of muslim and brown people entering the country in pursuit of us[a] because they have already sworn their undying love to the queen through God.

india, though majorly independent, is a state owned and consolidated to the queen’s empire and is a bridge for many more arabic speaking people to infiltrate. the problem arises when india’s customs and religious points of view differ from a lot of other arabic speaking countries. and unfortunately what often happens is black people end up getting lost somewhere in the middle.

the war on terror has been going on in america for quite some time with black people, the nra, and the kkk. policemen were notorious members of the kkk, and the gop regularly boasts of it’s strong financial backing placed by the nra. there is also little love for american black people overseas excluding rap’s royalty and jigaboos. it is for this reason when you hear a phrase like black life matters, it matters most. and we must utilize our positions as leaders in our communities to the maximum in times like this to fortify ourselves in the future.

we lost a lot of black life in the media over these last two years and it worry’s me that there is an action to call for more through the obama administration and this upcoming election. this war has been going on but in case things go bad i want to be someone you can look to for comfort and security. my plans of action are often specific and to the point. but there some key ideas i want us all across the nation to remember as black people in the event a war is brought to our doorsteps.
the blood of jesus runs through your flesh and there is no man on this earth who can conquer it.
love your brothers and sisters. in the event nra nazis and policemen start trying to vandalize our neighborhoods, we must remember to love our own more than our things.
the truth of the matter is we are few and peppered across this salted this country. and with so many of our men serving time incarcerated, our numbers are low. we will need to unify and find strength in our numbers.
there are brothers who are police officers who are good men but may unfortunately be lost to the cause. another place we can look to for security is our politicians and bus drivers. politicians often have access to funds and bus driver’s, protect large groups of peole daily and have access to large vehicles that can charter large groups. this is one of the few city jobs and systems that does support the working class and we would want to keep it for our own.
i would recommend black people picking posts across the country to unite and regather ourselves. i would also recommend the mecca as an hq, around florida/alabama/georgia. if you are like me your family comes from that mud so you should be comfortable. no man not from the area would want to fight in the sweaty jungle with king kong so the advantage is ours. i would also recommend another post some where like michigan or san francisco for west coast people. the lakes provide built in security and detroit is a beautiful chocolate city worth restoring when this is over.
the media is not your frind in times like these, but we still want to communicate. i urge you all to use your god given gifts to communicate with the ones you love and express it.
the problems they are facing are not problems we’re facing but still they feel a need to point the blame on someone. black people have gone on in this country expressing love and it not being reciprocated. we have felt no reparation to our souls for the injustices done to our people and recent deaths like trayvon martin reawaken the sting. they wish to see us become extinct, we must resist. they will try to lull you into forgetting butt uhhhh…. you need to stay woke!

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