.married with modern family.


al bundy was a white middle aged shoe salesman with a wife, two kids, and a dog. al hated his life and masked it bi frequently reliving old high school memories of when he was a football legend and all the guys wanted his hot wife peggy, who now has a crush on the flamboyant neighbors. al’s son grew up gay because of this. his daughter, kelly, also grew up to be gay but, masked it bi marrying a gay guy and convincing him to have two daughters. they are doing great but she really needs a lot of twat. her brother grew up to marry a big gay guy from colorado and they have a daughter too so, they’re doing alright. al remarried a colombian bombshell whom is not in love with the neighbors. at least, he thinks so as he can’t understand her thick heavy accent at all times. through it all he really just loves his little dog because it doesn’t speak and cums on command.
p.s. the grandkids are all gay too &&& everyone knows but the adults don’t want to admit it yet…
aint shit pretty.


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