.all i want for xmas.

the weekend has cum where everyone celebrates their favorite war holiday, the turkeys are stuffed, so are the kids. the friday is black and the monday is cyber… there is irony in here somewhere.

i stood back while the question was asked what do black lives want in this #blm situation.. &&- i find it funny that a group of people with a president in the white house does not know who to look to when ‘they’ asked us to take them to our leader. it’s easy to say we want black people to stop dying in the streets butt uhhhhhh… there has to bee more for each of us to truly be satisfied.

while i commend past leaders of the civil rights movement like rev. al sharpton for sticking with us and, having the courage to walk onto a notoriously slanderous news broadcast daily president barack obama is officially a joke. fuck whatever farrakhan talking about too. we must seriously consider our leaders in times like these and that is why i nominate myself to the platform. we don’t gotta wait til twenty.twenty i know what i want for you now.

i] i want white people to go back to africa, or at least move to the middle east..

everyone knows white people love to follow us around and bite our swag and i, probably like you, AM tired of the shit. we have been over in iraq for far too long not to have bases and landmarks for american civilians to go and enjoy. when you win a war, you win their land and i believe it is time to collect our prize. more effectively if we are accepting refugees, we should be sending relief in exchange. every person we send to the middle east does not have to be a troop. sending five hundred.k teachers, nurses, and security would be a lot more peaceful and conducive to our goal than sending another twenty.k armed militia anyday. besides, white people love that study abroad shit, ask cambodia.

ii] reparations. once again, we have a black president, someone should be trying to push this issue for us harder. when refugees cum into this country they get financial assistance. i do not understand why the people who helped build this country still have to go without. i would not expect to exodus any group of americans to an unknown land without some type of assistance but that does not mean that those left behind are to be punished or forgotten. we want to reward the people whom have stayed in this country and spilled their blood on this soil because they are our own. &&& i’d hate to say it butt uhhhhh.. this is something more exclusively for black people and not ‘african-americans’ because black lives are the ones being lost and those are the lives that are ‘mattering.’ perhaps blacks would feel their lives mattered more if there was more reason to enjoy life.

we can argue about the numbers butt uhhhhh… i think sixteen and twohundredfifty.k is a good place to start. this is effectively a class boost and i agree there are ways and steps we should take collectively to ensure we make the most of this gratuity. once again, i’d bee happy to nominate myself.

if you’re under sixteen i feel bad for you, and hope your family loves you.

iii] removal of guns from police officer’s uniform. i understand the need for safety and security butt uhhhhh… guns are not safe and the addition of body cameras is just turning life into sick assed scream re-enactment. the second amendment is held so highly, but i strongly believe that is for the safety of your personal family against intruders. a policeman carrying a gun on the streets is terrifying to men, women, and children, and in fact is the very reason many feel they personally need guns. we all should be against police brutality, and i AM sure we can find a better way to apprehend those in the wrong.

iv] beyoncé
[this is just what i want remember…]

aint shit pretty.


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